Fine Arts projects begin to take shape

Voter approval of Laramie County Community College’s mill levy has set into motion the planning phase of both the restoration of the Fine Arts building and the construction of a performing arts center on campus.

Logistical planning has begun and according to Rick Johnson, LCCC vice president of Administration and Finance, a framework is being built for the two projects.

“Our hope is that we can break ground on the renovation of the Fine Arts (building) in May (of 2019), mid-to-late May,” Johnson said. “Then, later in the summer, start the auditorium.”

Johnson said that these dates will coincide with the academic calendar of the college, meaning that if the renovation project is started in mid-to-late May 2019 it would be completed in June of 2020.If the performing arts center is started in July of 2019, it would be completed in December of 2020.

This expansion of the campus has the potential to create accessibility and parking compromises, as seen with the current construction of the library renovation.  

Johnson said that renovation of the Fine Arts building will close off the corridor that’s currently closed for the library renovation and that the project isn’t far enough down the road to know how it will impact parking.

“You’ve got to remember that the res(ident) hall project will be going on just on the southside,” Johnson said. “Those two things combined; it going to be for a year and a half or so it’s going to  be a messy campus.”

When it comes to the movement of the programs that are currently housed in the Fine Arts building, Johnson said that the temporary locations haven’t been decided yet but will be decided by this coming February.

Johnson also said that the addition of a performing arts center will not only provide the theater and music programs with a venue to perform in but also an assembly space for the college, considering that it will seat 400 people, as well as a venue for the community to host events.


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