LCCC welcomes new Disability Support Services coordinator

Students and instructors at Laramie County Community College can expect to see an additional friendly face on campus in Andrea Clubb, the new Disability Support Services coordinator.

Clubb is from northeast Colorado.  She received her undergraduate degrees in Sociology and Human Rehabilitation from the University of Northern Colorado and her master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and Rehabilitation Counseling from Utah State University.  Clubb previously worked at the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation for the state of Wyoming as a rehabilitation counselor.

In her position at LCCC, “my favorite part is working with students,” Clubb said.  She works with students with various disabilities to help facilitate accommodations to ensure their academic success at LCCC.  Additionally, she works with instructors who might want assistance in implementing recommended accommodations for students.

Currently, between LCCC’s Cheyenne and Albany County campuses, the Disability Support Services office assists around 120 students actively, and an additional 300 students are perspective or inactive clients. Some disabilities Clubb often assists with include learning and psychological disabilities. She also provides certification for service animals for students living in campus housing.

Documentation of a disability is required to implement accommodations; however, temporary accommodations can be made while documentation is secured. Clubb can help students get connected with a physician or psychologist who can provide documentation.

If a student would like to seek accommodation for a disability they first meet with Clubb to discuss possibilities. Clubb assesses what accommodations they might need and how they can make those best work for them. Once Clubb and the student have agreed upon the accommodations, the plan will be presented to the student’s instructors. The instructors can contact Clubb with any questions or concerns regarding the accommodations and should verify and acknowledge receipt of notification of the accommodations.

Accommodations will vary for every student as every disability is different.  For example, accommodations will be much different for a reading disability than a mathematic disability.

“It’s different for everyone who comes in,” Clubb said.  “Sometimes we try something and it doesn’t work as well as we’d like, so we try something else.”

Some accommodations that Clubb can arrange for a student include facilitating test-taking accommodations, such as extended time or taking the test in a separate location.  However, “whatever accommodations we provide cannot change the core of the class content and the core of the class requirements,” Clubb said. Clubb’s office can provide tools such as digital recorders and smart pens and works with sign language interpreters should students need.

“Sometimes you have to get a little creative on how to make something work,” Clubb said.

Clubb said she is happy to be a new member of the team at LCCC, “I’m excited to be here.”

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