New web-based systems myLCCC, Canvas, Outlook introduced to students

Laramie County Community College introduced three new web-based systems to students this year with Microsoft Outlook, Canvas, and myLCCC.

MyLCCC is the system that allows students and staff to access all of their apps, including Canvas, Self-Service, Outlook, the Ludden Library, and Wingspan’s website; it replaced EaglesEye as the school’s intranet system. Canvas is the new learning management system for teachers and students where assignments are turned in and discussions are held for both online and traditional classes; it replaced Desire to Learn, or D2L. Microsoft Outlook email is the official school email students, faculty, and administrators use. Outlook replaced EaglesEye for student email.

MyLCCC has made things easier for students and faculty, said Chad Marley, LCCC’s chief technology officer.

“The ease of use for creating single sign-on and us having the ability to deliver icons on your landing page on myLCCC and you just have to click on it to continue on to use it after you’ve logged in has improved the usability, the ease of use, and the friendliness of using the software application,” Marley said. “Now really, you only have one LCCC account to remember.”

There has been a big increase in the usage of myLCCC compared to EaglesEye, he added.

The change from EaglesEye email to Outlook affected students in a positive way, Marley said. Students had issues with EaglesEye and its format, but now with Outlook, it’s a more simple and engaging emailing system for the faculty, staff, and students of LCCC to communicate with each other. According to Marley, Canvas is more of a messaging system strictly for students and teachers in their classes and Outlook is the full communication system throughout the college.

The switch from D2L was difficult for several students and faculty. Several returning students said they were frustrated to hear that D2L was being replaced with Canvas since learning a new system can be difficult.

According to nine of 13 returning students surveyed, D2L was easier to navigate for assignment files than it is in Canvas. The students surveyed all responded positively that the mobile app sends notifications for quizzes and emails from teachers and other students instead of them having to log onto their computers.

Canvas was chosen as the learning management system to make transitioning easier for students throughout Wyoming. Five of the seven community colleges are now using Canvas, as well as the University of Wyoming. High school students are being introduced to Canvas, so it will be easier for new students to transition to Wyoming’s colleges and university.

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