Clubwise: Collegiate Music Association

When:                1st Monday at 4 p.m.  in the Fine Arts building room 113

Who:                    Collegiate Music Association

Fees:                    None

Contact:               Beth Kean

                             (307) 778-1316



Officers:                 President: Zamboni Brown

                               Vice Presidents: Ingrid Taylor and Sam Jones

                                Treasurer: Kayleigh Krafft

                                 Secretary: Rudy Woodward


Purpose:                  To provide an area for music education beyond the classroom and college.

                                 Attend the State Music Educators Association conference each January, volunteer, fundraising, to further education outside of LCCC and help students attend competitions.


FYI:                            Students must be a music major or involved in a performing ensemble at LCCC to join.

                                 The organization is intended for future music educators and future music leaders from LCCC.

                                As a member of the Collegiate Music Association, students will obtain a professional identity. This will give members better preparation for work in music and  exclusive opportunities to learn from activities and programs that will help students in the early stages of their careers. Students may be able to attend the state music educators conference each January.

                                Students will have a network of opportunities that will help with job interviews and employment.   


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