If it wasn’t simple before, here’s a sequel

Now that I’ve been living on my own for eight months now I can safely say I know a solution to all of the problems of living in an apartment with roomates. Often these solutions have a simple overarching answer. These are my solutions to these problems.


An issue we run into often at my apartment is deciding who’s turn it is to do the dishes. About once a month we all sit down and have a civilized yell at each other about how the dishes are either not being done, or only being done by one person. This leads to the dishes being done for a week then it’s back to business as usual.


However, we have tested a different solution. The best way to have a clean sink in the house is to not keep food in the house at all. Then there is no need for dishes to be used other than keeping the cabinets from flying into space.


Another frequent argument is who gets to park nearest to the apartment. Our complex shares one large potholed parking lot and there are only enough spaces for about two cars per apartment. We have three cars.


For a while it was determined by who had the most expensive car, but then it changed to who ever got home first. One of my roommates always worked nights so he had to park far away from the apartment when he got home at midnight.


His solution was to wait until the middle of the day, park close to the apartment, then pull the transmission and one wheel off the car. Now his car has the same parking spot everyday and doesn’t have to be worried about if he’ll have a spot to park in. On an unrelated note, he has also saved a ton on gas with this solution.


A common argument we have in our apartment is the electric bill. With three of us living there, and all working different shifts, there is always someone home using electricity. This led to us having a very high electric bill. Often lights and AC were left on in the midst of the coming and going.


What I found to be a useful trick in conserving energy was to wait until everyone was sleeping and switch off the breakers. This sounds risky but its not like the food we don’t keep in the house will spoil without electricity. I honestly couldn’t tell the difference on account that I rarely spend any time at the apartment and am only around when people are sleeping.


I recently found an even easier solution to all my problems at my apartment. It solved every issue I could think of with living with roommates and I came upon it by accident. I came home one evening to my key to the front door not working and no one home to let me in.


What I learned from this strange occurrence was that life is much simpler when I don’t even have an apartment or roommates because I live in my own vehicle.

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