The benefits of Instagram fame

by Medeia Ramirez

As social media becomes more popular, platforms such as Instagram are becoming a source of income for people and companies.

On Instagram, there are companies that are willing to pay people to promote their brand. Some promoters can be celebrities such as the Kardashians, or it could be people who are popular in the market that the company is trying to target. Depending on the brand or on a person’s follower count, they can make money by simply mentioning a company’s product in their post.

        Large followings often lead to more money, but for starting out, a couple of extra bucks can be a huge help. Layne George, a student at LCCC, has 18,000 followers on her Instagram account. George said she uses Instagram “mainly for self-promotion, and putting my style out there.” She also mentioned she has a business with her family’s ranch that she incorporates into her Instagram as well.

        George also explained that “just recently I’m getting so many people reaching out to me to wear and rep merch (merchandise).” Many companies ask people that have a large following on Instagram to wear their brand so their followers will want to buy it. George also said she does deals with companies where she will post about them a couple times and in return get free apparel or accessories from the company.

On Instagram, users can specifically set a profile to be a business profile, which helps to monitor who the audience is and when the best time to post may be. Business profiles also show what the followers are liking most on the page.

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