Graduation applications online

Graduation applications are now available online for graduating students, replacing the paper applications prospective graduates had to fill out at the start of their last semester.

Stacy Maestas, LCCC registrar, is in charge of the applications for graduation, and she said she is hoping to see more students apply for graduation since it’s easier to access and apply through the Self-Service app in myLCCC.

“Students log into their Self-Service through myLCCC and then it’s on the Graduation Overview tab on their homepage within Self-Service. It’s very simple and very intuitive,” Maestas said.

Along with the online application, the college has eliminated the application fee. Students from previous semesters who have already graduated had to fill out a paper application fee of $20 .

“Students no longer have to pay that $20 fee per application to apply for graduation. There was never a fee associated with a certificate or a credit diploma but there was with the degrees,” Maestas said.

With that $20 application fee out of the way from hesitant students who were unable to pay it before, Maestas said she is thinking she might see an increase in applications for students now that “what could be perceived as maybe a barrier for students to apply if they don’t have that $20. The President’s Cabinet made that decision late last spring to put that forward and change that for fall of 2018 for the 18-19 academic year,” She said.

The only fees students have to pay are to purchase caps and gowns. Students are able to access the website to get their caps and gowns through their applications. While they’re filling it out, “they can just click that link, it takes them right out to the CB Graduation website where they can order their cap and gown,” Maestas said.

Students are able to order their caps and gowns until April 28 to have them shipped directly to the LCCC Bookstore. There is a service charge of $2 students must pay to receive their caps and gowns. Anyone who is looking to add announcements or other regalia to their purchase on the website must have those shipped directly to their houses for a small shipping fee.

If students were unable to order their caps and gowns, Maestas said, “we still can accommodate late orders through the CB Grad website for caps and gowns up until Wednesday before commencement on that Saturday.”

Although the deadline for submitting applications was on Feb. 15, applications will still be accepted., “It’s really a “due date by,” it’s for priority process really. We strongly encourage students to apply earlier than later, but we absolutely will accept applications for graduation right up until the day the end of the semester, we even received applications the day after commencement when we’re still processing the end of semester grades and finalizing everything,” Maestas said.

If a student is missing a requirement, they’ll be notified by the staff from the office of the Registrar.  Students should be working with their adviser early in the semester to and if they notice the requirement is missing they are able to pick up a B-Block class and still graduate that semester, Maestas said.

Students are encouraged to walk, Maestas said.

“This is not only a celebration for our students, but it’s a celebration for the whole institution,” she said. The faculty works hard to ensure the success of the students and they want to see their students walk across the stage. “It’s my favorite time of year because I get to see the students that I saw two years ago that came in then and now they’re walking across the stage. We get to celebrate their accomplishments with them.”

“I always encourage students to participate and we would love to see our numbers increase …,” Maestas said.



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