Are Streaming Services Taking Over Standard TV?

Laramie County Community College students and faculty weighed in on the popularity of streaming services compared to standard TV.

Streaming services have become popular with many students prefer instant streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

LCCC student Cameron Callahan is a streaming user and primarily uses Netflix.

“Students prefer streaming because it is affordable with a lot more options to choose from,

standard TV is only for watching sporting events,” Callahan said.

While standard TV like basic cable or satellite may not be as popular with younger viewers, older viewers still tend to subscribe to monthly packages. According to an article written by, 83 percent of American households still pay for standard TV.

LCCC Librarian Paula Badgett has experience in media usage and can validate why households still use the standard TV. She has observed students usage in streaming services and standard TV such as cable and satellite.  

“Streaming services are convenient, students have a huge selection to choose, they are popular because of instant gratification,” Badgett said.

Badgett agrees streaming is popular, but she has also a different opinion on cable and satellite.

“I didn’t grow up on streaming services, for me cable is comforting and reliable when my Internet is down,” Badgett said. “My husband works for Dish here in Cheyenne, he finds quality important when watching anything, cable and satellite companies ensure files are perfect.”

Cable companies have adapted streaming services such as HBO Go and Dish Now. Badgett said cable and TV will be less accessible without an Internet connection in the future.

Nationally, a July survey by the research firm Cowen Research found Netflix to be the most popular platform for streaming or standard TV. In a survey of 2,500 Americans who were asked which platforms do they use most often, Netflix topped the list with 27.2 percent of respondents picking the streaming giant. Basic cable followed at 20.4 percent, broadcast television at 18.1 percent and YouTube at 11.4 percent. Hulu, Amazon Prime, and premium cable all came in under 6 percent.

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