Expanding new horizons: Albany Campus expansion

Since 2006, Laramie County Community College’s Albany County Campus (ACC) has offered several degree and certificate programs for the  Laramie community. In recent years, the ACC has outgrown its satellite facility located at the Turner Track Business Park and the time has come for an expansion, and with the expansion comes new opportunities for students, LCCC President Dr. Joe Schaffer wrote in a letter to the Laramie City Council back in 2015..

The expansion, which is scheduled to begin near the end of the 2019 spring semester, has been foreseen for a few years now as the student population and currently offered courses continually increase.

According to Dr. Brady Hammond, associate vice president at the ACC, this expansion will address “space restraint and constrictions on this campus just in terms of trying to schedule the capacity we need.”  Hammond expressed that the new expansion will also provide an opportunity for ACC to offer additional courses as well as the potential for new degree programs, including a purposed Fermentation program that will train students in the art of distillation and is currently in the planning phase.

With a cost of approximately $1 million, the expansion project will include a new lecture classroom on the south wing and a new wet-lab classroom on the east wing. Adding two classrooms may not sound like a lot, but it will be adding approximately 3000 square feet to the existing 20,631, an increase of nearly 15 percent.

The construction of the new wet-lab classroom will involve removing the floor in one of the east-wing hallways, which will limit access to 3-4 of the existing classrooms. Students planning to attend classes during the summer should be prepared for the limited access, Hammond said.

Hammond said he is enthusiastic about the planned completion of this expansion and what it will mean for students in the future.

“It’s just more classroom space, but that extra space really has a lot of opportunity and potential, so that’s really why we’re excited for it,” he said.

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