Hidden Delicacies: The Office Bar and Grill

The Office restaurant serves delicious and dependable food while giving you the total golf experience at any time of the year.

If you’re a Wyoming native it may be hard to find a nice restaurant to sit down and eat at, especially when driving down East Pershing. The Office Bar and Grill is a total game changer for Cheyenne as a community.

Located in the same plaza as the Capitol Cinema 12 movie theatre, this would be a great place to grab a bite and catch a movie afterward. And if you’re not into lounging around, Golds Gym is right next door for those who’d like to burn off the calories they’d just ate.

The Office is owned and operated by Cheyenne natives Doug and Susie Stults.

It wasn’t just a spontaneous idea for Doug and Susie to open a restaurant. They have been in the restaurant business for almost 30 years so they decided to open one up for themselves.

“It’s my passion,” Susie said. “We know 50 percent of the people almost every single day of the week,” which shows the importance of always being there as an owner.

Their inspiration for the menu and restaurant theme was similar to former Cheyenne restaurant CB Potts with a “ touch of class.”  It differs from other sit-down eateries because they have incorporated “a bunch of little unique twists” to truly make it their own.

If you need any suggestions for food, Doug and Susie recommend the steak sandwich and fish and chips, which they said “are some of the best in town.” Contrary to their opinion, “the french dip is our number one seller,” they said. In addition to the entrees there are homemade soups made daily. There’s something on the menu for everyone.

Aside from the food, one of the most unique features in the restaurant would be the indoor golf simulator. According to the Stults, the golf simulator is one-of-a-kind and no other restaurant in town has anything like it. The simulator runs $40 an hour but is worth the price for the entertainment.

The Stults said they hope to add a beer garden either this summer or summer of 2020.

For all the foodies, the classy office women, beer drinkers, or even the aspiring golfers, you are sure to find something that intrigues you at the Office Bar and Grill.


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