Judy Hay retiring after 6 years at LCCC

Judy Hay, vice president of Student Services and Title IX coordinator, has been at Laramie County Community College for six and a half years now, and she’s retiring.

Hay said she lived in eastern Montana before working for LCCC. She used to have a private tutoring business for K-12 students with learning disabilities, and she was a stay-at-home mother. Earlier in life she worked at a sawmill, a pulp mill, and cleaned people’s houses to help pay for college. Although she has had multiple jobs, she says she’s enjoyed all of them.

“I have enjoyed every job, though I have to say that my current job at LCCC has been the most satisfying,” Hay said.

Hay has been a Title IX coordinator since 2011 and in similar roles as vice president of Student Services for multiple years.

“Prior to coming to LCCC as the vice president of Student Services, I was in a similar role in Montana at the Great Falls College, Montana State University for six years,” Hay said. “Prior to that, various Student Services roles at Helena College in Helena, Montana, for 15 years.”

Even though six and a half years at LCCC may not seem like a long time, Hay says she has many fond memories here.

“One memory I love was on our commencement day in which we have both the Adult Education graduation ceremony as well as the full college ceremony,” Hay said. “I was able to congratulate a young man who graduated in both ceremonies on the same day, which isn’t that rare, but this fellow was someone I met through circumstances when he was beginning his high school equivalency work, and it was such a joy to see how much he had accomplished in such a short time.”

Another memory Hay remembers is when Student Services moved from its old home, the since-renovated Crossroads building, to the Clay Pathfinder Building.

“It was thrilling and so very satisfying to see students walk through the first floor and exclaim as they experience the beautiful and functional place we had for them,” Hay said. “No longer were the places our students needed so often some of the oldest and worn places on campus. It has been such fun to serve students in a beautiful place worthy of them.”

Hay said that she wouldn’t change anything about the college or what she’s done because she’s not a person to look to the past. She is proud of everyone here at the college and all the work everyone has accomplished over the years.

When Hay retires, she says she will still do some part-time work as well as enjoy life back in Helena, Montana, with her husband.

“I hope to do some part-time work in higher education or some other capacity,” Hay said. “I hope to spend some good times with my parents, as well as our three little grandboys. We also are travelers, skiers, bikers, and will be living on the lake where we can fish, water ski, kayak and ice skate. We won’t be bored or sitting on rocking chairs on a porch for a while.”

Hay said she will keep an eye on LCCC and may sneak down here to look at all the new renovations the college will be finishing in the next couple of years.


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