Volleyball coaching search to finish sometime this month

The search for a new volleyball coach is in full swing at Laramie County Community College, after the departure of Austin Albers.

On Dec. 14, NCAA Division II CSU-Pueblo Athletics Department made an announcement that LCCC head coach Albers had been hired to the same position. Albers put LCCC volleyball in the national spotlight by placing 10th in 2017 and ninth in 2018 at the National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association tournament. Albers left an impact on students, players and co-workers.

“Austin is an irreplaceable coach. What he did in such little time with this program was remarkable,” first-year Athletics Director Clark Rasmussen said.

Rasmussen added that he hopes to continue the traditions that Albers left with the new coach. Albers made his athletes maintain a 3.0 GPA, made sure they were respectful to each other and stay active with community. And of course, winning. Albers went 145-57 in five years at LCCC, where there was four different volleyball coaches in three seasons for LCCC.

According to Rasmussen, the process of finding the next Albers is a timely one. Applications worth the look is what starts the process. A system that Rasmussen uses filters out the good and bad applications.The applications that are worthwhile are sorted into their own file, and then looked over by Rasmussen and an LCCC hiring committee. The committee then gets together and looks over the resumes of the applicants that meet the requirements of the position. The committee then narrowed it down to 12 applicants, where they went on to have eight Skype interviews and narrowed it down to four people who could be the next volleyball coach.

According to Rasmussen, the committee is made up of Cindy Henning, a former volleyball coach for LCCC; Trent Morrell, a Geoscience instructor at LCCC,;Billie Addleman, who is part of the LCCC Foundation; and Megan Shifflett, the athletics trainer at LCCC.  

According to Rasmussen, Albers made the foundation of the program, which then attracts top end coaches, that the position has attracted some natural great talent at the coaching position.

“I want someone to continue that success, some that can recruit just as good if not better, someone who can hold students academically accountable, just as Austin did,” Rasmussen said.

Rasmussen added that he wants the next coach to be like Albers, who has the “it” factor and someone who will be part of the community.

The hiring process isn’t all new to Rasmussen but the one here at LCCC is different for him. He has had committees before but not like the one for the volleyball coach search.

“The process, a fair process, from instructors process, and Billie from the foundation side an ability to ask questions about the foundation, and Megan works with the coach on a daily basis and she’s crucial about the process,” Rasmussen said.

According to Rasmussen, there will be an announcement on the position sometime this month.

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