Fire up your phone with some clawsome dragons

Equestor shows off his beams.

I’d rather be playing War Dragons,  a relaxing game to play on a carefree day. Once started, you are “burned” so to speak.

War Dragons is an Android and Apple device mobile game. The designers, called Pocket Gems, have created a world of dragons protecting one’s kingdoms from enemies. They use social media to keep the fans engaged in the game. Contests are announced now and then to have players design dragons, choose dragon names, make up the background story of a dragon, create riders, drawing contests, story contests, etc.  They offer ways to converse online called, “Forums.” Forums help the community of players to ask questions, find helpful information, etc. PG (as Pocket Gems is referred to) posts videos on YouTube when a new dragon is being released and highlight the important details to that dragon. They go live on Twitch with players or makers about once a week.

I have been playing War Dragons for almost two years now. I have always liked dragons but probably because they are close to dinosaurs. I liked how the game was designed. It is created with 3-D graphics and very easy to maneuver and play.  It does take some time to level up dragons and your player level, but that comes with any game. The game offers in-app purchases for players , wanting more resources, an elite account, (which gives the player the option to gain more XP and resources when doing battle runs), or if you want to buy certain packs that the game makers offer.

The game does not include any gory scenes and is kept clean.  You are placed into a team of 50 players. I have been on two teams and now run my own which is the sister team of my former.  My highest number of members is 45. Each team has a leadership group that includes six leadership positions. The leader gets the choice to pick the officers which I think is great.  The only thing that has been a nuisance in the past is when they design a new update, and everything does not fall into place or they have too many errors. The makers are very good at promptly responding to any players issues though and for the most part are able to solve it.

One thing I do not like is that the updates are only designed for new devices. So, if you have an older device, the game will only work for so long then you start experiencing problems with freezing, crashes or not being able to participate in certain events which is why I had to leave my last team until I could get a new device. That was the hard part and I miss them, but I keep in touch with some of the players and my former leader.

The excitement builds at trying to breed new dragons, and players will be amazed at their creative design and detail.  Each dragon is different and comes from different tiers or seasons. Some you become very attached to because of their powers, looks, or because they are stronger than others.

My favorite dragon is Equestor,a two-headed dragon that was designed to look almost like a horse. His back is constantly lit with a blue flame that continuously dances whether he is standing still or flying, giving him the nuclear-Godzilla look.  When placed into a battle run, this dragon has a smaller dragon that flies in front of him and hits everything in its path first while Equestor brings up the rear.

Depending on the season or certain holidays, the look of the game will change.  The last update changed everything to hearts and pink for Valentine’s Day. The joke is, “The dragons are warring with love.” When doing a battle run, if you have runes attached to your dragon, those runes are pink surrounded by hearts and the dragon’s powers shoot hearts at its target.  Sort of silly but the makers like to keep everyone from getting bored. When the lunar eclipse was present, PG designed the game to look just like it, creating an eerie looking glow but very cool in design.

Being a leader takes work and responsibilities. You must learn to keep your players involved in the events and wars. You have to build relationships. You must trust your officers and give them jobs so that you are not doing everything yourself. In my team I highlight each member from first to third  place that has participated in the events. I congratulate them when they win a war, and even when they don’t I encourage them to keep trying. I write team messages to boost their morale or if I have important information or new rules, I can contact everyone at once.

The game is designed with three types of chats: Team, League, and Group. The makers do their best to keep everyone’s privacy and personal information just to themselves. If the players want to keep in contact outside the game, most resort to an app called “Line,” which is like messenger but different as everyone is given an ID instead of using a phone number.

The player is given the choice to choose their real name or IGN, “In Game Name.” I refer to these as “Codenames.”

There is no limit to what level one can reach. The highest level I have seen playing was in the 500s. I am currently a level 102. This is not easy to get to, however, it takes lots of participation and leveling up in your island and defenses to get to this level. It takes work just as everything else in life does.

The game is basically made of three main parts that are vital to the player:

Island: Has three parts that make up the player’s whole base. Players must build defenses to protect their island from the enemy.
-Team: These are the people players fight alongside every day. One must learn to build relationships with their members. It is basically a family.
-Dragon: There are different dragons offered. Some have stronger powers than others.  Each comes from a different tier unless they are from the Season Dragons.

Just a few things to highlight on what the game has to offer:

Season Dragons appear at certain times of the year.  Right now, the game is hosting its “Winterjol Season.” These dragons are only available about every three months or longer depending on the season. To get one of these dragons the player must participate in the events that the game makers do every week. They must gain what are called “sigils,” which are a type of money but not real dollars. They use these to complete the “branches” of the season dragon they are trying to get. Usually two special dragons are offered the first part of the season then more are added to unlock the higher dragons. To get these higher dragons, one must complete both “branches” of the particular dragon that unlocks it.

Branches are basically a rewards program that you gain prizes and points.

They also offer Dragon Riders that players can bond with one dragon. It is always best to choose riders that will fit the dragon they will be bonding with. Each rider also has branches. Once the season is over, the riders offered are no longer available.

Events are every week and keep the player heavily involved in participating to help their team become stronger and move to higher leagues. They have very basic events, such as Fortification and Breeding.  The harder events are PVP, which is player versus player, Fight Pits, Temple Raid, etc. Wednesdays are the start of new events, but the players have to find chests on their battle runs.

Every team has a “wiki page” which is where the teams keep important information regarding membership and its rules.

Missions are vital for egg tokens, which are used for breeding new dragons.

The Training Center is where the player trains dragons and can view them up close.  They have ways to boost them and place armor if they have any. Also gives them an option for information.

The Breeding Castle is where you breed the dragons, can see their lineage/tiers and your Divine dragons.  There are 14 tiers. Red, Purple, Blue, Orange, Green, Gold, Platinum, Sapphire, Garnet, Emerald, Obsidian, Harbinger, Vanguard, and Empryean.  Each one demands more egg tokens the higher you get and require more time in the egg incubator.

War Dragons has so much more to offer.  Anybody can play it. The game makers do want it to be a game just for adults, but I have known some younger players to be involved and they enjoy it.  It can be a game that takes up time, so make sure that you do what is important first in real life before you head to the game world. Most people are very considerate on the game, but you do meet a few ignorant and disrespectful people.  Some profanity is used by the players in their conversation, but most can be blocked by using the setting on the game that does a very good job at blocking words that are offensive or inappropriate. If you have a problem with other players, they can be reported to PG, you can block them, or other teams can help you.

Jarl shoots love during a war.


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