Jennifer Davey’s ‘What Lies Beneath’ Art Exhibit

Collage of maps:
Jennifer Davey’s Collage of maps on the back wall of the Esther and John Clay Fine Arts Gallery is a piece that was motivated by the Parkland school shootings last year. (Photo Courtesy Brianna Garcia)

Artist Jennifer Davey’s exhibit “What Lies Beneath” is on display in Laramie County Community Colleges Esther and John Clay Fine Arts Gallery through March 7.

Jennifer Davey is based out of Loveland, Colorado,with her art studio at Artworks Loveland.

“I always loved making things and creating art when I was little but moved away from art in high school and college,” Davey said.

Davey attended Colorado State University, majoring in speech communications. “I thought I was going to get a ‘grown up’ job in a city wearing cool clothes and making a lot of money. I really had no idea what that meant specifically to me,” Davey said.

While working retail and realizing she wasn’t happy, Davey unexpectedly had the opportunity to live overseas for two years in Japan and then India.

“It was during this time away that I reconnected with my love of art. I returned to Fort Collins, I took a drawing class, again at CSU,” Davey explained.

Davey went back to school full time, obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture.

“Painting and art making has helped me really understand and see who I am as a person. It’s helped me through tragedies and loss in my life and it’s also helped me experience the most amazing feelings of being alive,” Davey said.

“When I learn about other artists or see their work, I get a new perspective on my own life,” she said. Davey’s art is inspired by the sophisticated system of the body. “The way it processes, holds and responds to so much complex information, from keeping us alive, to recording and storing emotions, and being able to perceive in deep intuitive ways.”

Davey said she is also inspired by mythology and religions of the world and exploring the overlapping metaphors and wisdom that exists in all religions and cultures.

In Davey’s “What Lies Beneath” exhibit, she was particularly interested in exploring the things that exist underneath the surface of our everyday awareness and in exploring that, maybe help point to things that are truer and more essential and authentic.

“In this exhibit, there are also some pieces about loss and anxiety. These are states of being we all experience and I wanted to be aware of those states, make a home for them to be healed, as well as honoring the positive states of being. In our culture, I think sometimes we have a hard time truly giving space to feel difficult emotions,” Davey explained.

According to Davey, the collage of maps on the back wall of the Esther and John Clay Fine Arts Gallery is a piece that was motivated by the Parkland school shootings last year.

“I wanted to step back and look at who we are as a country and question why this is happening with such alarming regularity. I took topographic maps of the US and wrote the Preamble to the Constitution, one word per day, and posted it on social media. I’m not a political activist in a traditional sense because I can always see both sides of the story, but it is wrong that students are murdered by their classmates,” Davey said.

“I made this piece to ask questions and to encourage the viewer to pause and consider who we are as a collective,” she said. “What do we accept as normal? What is possible? What kind of country do we want to create?”

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