New career coordinator aims to help students succeed

Adam Keizer discusses with Haley Deshaney about what she can do as an elementary school teacher.

Adam Keizer, the new Career Services coordinator at Laramie County Community College, said he has major goals that he hopes to achieve and offered insight on how his experiences will help him in the future.


Keizer said that the Guided Pathways initiative will help students be well informed about the pathway they choose and the career opportunities they have when they come into LCCC.


“The goals I hope to achieve is that every LCCC student has an understanding of what to do after they leave the college,” Keizer said. “They will know their own personality and skill sets as it relates to the workforce, and they’ll work with people who want to see them succeed in their career.”


Keizer used to be part of the Gear Up program before becoming the new Career Services coordinator, so his role with Gear Up was to have students successfully complete college with a new life path from what they used to have.


“My goal is that if I know our Gear Up students successfully complete college, they have a whole different life path from when they first came in,” Keizer said. “My goal is to always have student realize what they’re capable of and define a new future for themselves. My entire goal with Gear Up was to get students to this point and now it’s a completion for me moving forward.”


Before working for Gear Up, Keizer said he used to work in youth programs and that it was his passion to work with students. He also stated that he enjoys working in this field because education is a great equalizer in this community.


“Education in general, and in career, is the great equalizer for people in our community,” Keizer said. “If students are willing to put hard work into either their career or their education. We live in a state that has a fantastic amount of opportunities. What I really enjoy about it is that it’s an extension of trying to have people do what they want in their life.”


Before getting where he is now, Keizer attended Arizona State as an undergrad and graduated with Interdisciplinary Studies, Business and Communication degrees. Keizer is currently attending the University of Wyoming, studying to get a masters in higher education administration.


Keizer said that he has an awesome family, wife and daughter, and outside of work he loves music, concerts, cycling, skiing, golf and traveling. Keizer said he’s really close to traveling to his 32nd country.


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