Working Hard to Compete Together

Regional Winners:
Sophomores Claire Lake (left) and Caitlin Garcia (right) present their awards with coach Lanae McDonald
(Photo credit Brianna Garcia)

As the spring semester continues, the Laramie County Community College Equestrian Team continues to show and represent LCCC.

On the weekend of Feb 23-24, the team was in Fountain, Colorado, for its first English show of the semester.

“It went really well. I was very proud of them,” coach Lanae McDonald said. “Everyone placed, and they were consistent, so I was really happy.”

The weekend of Feb. 15-17, the Equestrian team held its own home show, which also was the Western regionals.

“I think the show went very well. As a whole team, they really pulled together to make the show go well. Everybody helped, all the time,” McDonald said.

“They rode well. The horses were great, and regionals went without a hitch. As you know, my two sophomores made regionals, Claire Lake and Caitlin Garcia,” McDonald said. “Both rode awesome in regionals. Claire got fourth in her class and Caitlin won her class.”

“I was really excited to qualify for regionals,” Lake said. “Showing in Western horsemanship has been really challenging for me and I never thought I would really get the hang of it. Competing in regionals helped me to prove to myself that I really have become a better rider since joining the team.”

“I thought riding in regionals was pretty cool” Garcia said. “Claire and I worked at getting there together, pushing each other along the way to accomplish our goal of competing in regionals so it was very rewarding being able to do so with each other.”

With only the top two in each class advancing to Intercollegiate Horse Show Association semifinals, Garcia will be the only rider to represent LCCC in Findlay, Ohio, on March 15-17.

“Our goals for Findlay is to try and get her on as many new horses as we can.” McDonald said about Garcia. “I will take her down to Colorado to go ride with several different horse trainers so that she can ride lots of different horses. At that level, that’s what she needs is to ride lots of new horses.”

According to Garcia, “Ultimately the goal is to make it to finals. But I’m mostly striving to be better each time I ride and have solid, clean patterns. I’ll just take it a stride and maneuver at a time and challenge myself to be the best rider I can be.”

With the 2018-19 season coming to a close, the team wraps up its final English show/regionals the weekend before Western semifinals in Fountain.

“I do not believe anyone will qualify for regionals because they’re all freshman, so point-wise, it just won’t work out. Our goal for next year would be to get riders in the points for regionals. For this show, we’re going to go and ride as strong as we can for our one-day show and then just keep working for next year,” McDonald said.


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