Coming Together through Sports

LCCC students participate in a game of Intramural Volleyball
(Photo Credit: Brian Ortmeier)

LCCC students participate in a game of Intramural Flag Football
(Photo Credit: Brian Ortmeier)

When spring semester rolls around at Laramie County Community College, the recreational Intramural sports come along with it.

Intramural sports are sports that men and women can join as a team; they aren’t separated and are open to all LCCC students.

“Currently we have the six-versus-six flag football,” women’s basketball coach and intramural sports director Brian Ortmeier said. “We’re just wrapping up. We had four-on-four volleyball and that wrapped up before spring break. We also have a kickball league that starts in two weeks.”

Any LCCC student is welcome to join or form a team of their own.

“So if students are looking to play some kickball, if they want to get about seven or eight players together to go ahead and form some teams, they can go ahead and sign up for kickball. They can contact me or they can contact the information desk,” Ortmeier said.

Students can also sign up for intramural sports by going to There is no cost.

According to Ortmeier, last fall, LCCC offered four-on-four flag football, which was a bit faster paced. The college also offered three-on-three basketball as well as frisbee golf.

Fall and spring intramural sports offers students around campus variety for health and wellness, getting out and participating and meeting other students. The sports are normally held in the multipurpose room in the Recreational and Athletics Complex.

Students and staff can also follow @LCCCIM on Twitter for the latest information and links to sign up.

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