Wingspan’s Finer Things Book Club

David Zwonitzer’s pick:

Small is Beautiful

“Small Is Beautiful” is E. F. Schumacher’s controversial
book that grew out of his study of village-based economics,
which he later termed “Buddhist economics.”  
Schumacher’s philosophy is one of “enoughness,”
appreciating human needs, limitations and
appropriate use of technology.

His book has only gotten more relevant and thought-provoking today as it did when
it was published in 1973. The benefits of reading this book are all-inclusive to both students and staff of Laramie County Community College in that it incorporates such a fundamental insight into the human experience of modernity.

All professors could benefit greatly from Part II, which casts education as the greatest and most vital resource. In the book, Schumacher states that if something has gone wrong in the Western world, then we must look to the problems regarding education, and with the current climate around education the wisdom of E. F. Schumacher seems more relevant than ever.

The first meeting for the book club will take place at noon on Wednesday, April 24th. We will discuss the book in detail along with instructor Dave Zwonitzer; drinks will be provided. The meeting will be held in the innovation lab at the LCCC Library.

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