Initiative to simplify admission process: Streamline Effective Entry process to be integrated with advising

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The Guided Pathways initiative includes redesigning the way students enter Laramie County Community College and the support systems that helps students succeed.

One of the nine Guided Pathways committees focuses on “Streamline Effective Entry.” This is to eliminate barriers to enrollment and advising.

As part of the Guided Pathways work the LCCC team is engaging in a thorough assessment of the current intake process and making improvements where it’s necessary.

“With any process, things can be further evaluated and reexamined to make things easier for students,” Sarah Hannes, director of admissions and welcome center, said. “LCCC can enhance the experience in our entry process and make improvements to promote student success. Understanding our technology (signing on to myLCCC and student self-service) and the time it takes from point of application to being a registered student are the issues we hear students going through during the entry process.”

The construction of the Clay Pathfinder building and the establishment of the Student Hub were designed to provide college students with one place to go for services related to attending college, like admissions and financial aid..

Speaking with Alli McCown, who is the Student Hub coordinator, she said, “Establishing the Student Hub has provided students with a catch-all for their questions and aligning with Admissions has made students’ steps clearer.”

According to McCown, work still needing to be done with the Student Hub is to look for ways to reduce the number of steps students need to take, and determine the best ways to help Student Hub employees communicate with students about those steps and for employees to be available for students to seek assistance with Admissions staff.

With the streamlined effective entry process, the college is working on integrating it with advising and making faculty connections.

“We do know that students want to know who their advisor is and start making those connections as soon as possible,” Hannes said. “By accelerating access and completion in the entry process, students will be able to meet with their advisor and begin those important conversations about not only academics, but life, careers and their future.”

Hannes said the committee is also focused on reducing the number of “melt away” applicants, potential students who have completed significant steps in the enrollment process but haven’t fully enrolled. .

“Melt away of students occurs with those students who apply for admission, may have completed some of their enrollment steps but don’t matriculate to be a student,” Hannes said. “Communication and relationships are key in helping these students successfully show up on the first day. Texts, emails and phone calls all help with engaging incoming students to remind them of their next steps as well as critical deadlines.”

Hannes added, “Personal relationships with an LCCC staff member will help guide these students and help them stay on track.”

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