The clear-cut path of General Education v2.0

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Laramie County Community College’s Guided Pathways Program was created with a vision to make the higher education experience as a whole easier for students to navigate. The purpose of the program is to clarify a student’s path, help the student get on and stay on a path, and ensure students are learning.

One of the nine initiatives designed to ensure the program’s success is the revision of the general education program, or General Education v2.0.

“The curriculum revision is intended to make the program easier to navigate, and to ensure that if students switch from one degree to another, they’re not having to go back and re-take general education courses,” LCCC English instructor and co-chair of the General Education Committee Melanie Young said.

Young added that the revision will help students avoid situations that could lead to financial aid issues as well as unintended extended completion times.

Another goal of the General Education v2.0 program is to ensure that the course catalog accurately represents the active courses available. According to Young, the current catalog lists many courses that have not been offered at LCCC for some time.

“The goal (of the program) is not to just reduce the classes, it’s to make sure that the classes that we do list in the catalog are actually offered,” Young said.

From a student perspective, the planned revision should allow students to better understand how the courses in the general education program connect to the courses they are taking for their program or degree. Students will possibly see the applicability of what they’re learning in this general education class as well as how it can be applied to other classes, their major as a whole, and their careers.

The new curriculum is planned to go live in the fall of 2020. New students planning to enroll should expect to see the new curriculum in the 2020-21 course catalog.

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