Cheyenne Frontier Days changing traditions through concert choices

“Come and experience the Daddy of em’ all…” is one of the slogans used in celebration of Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Started in 1897, Cheyenne has produced an ongoing tradition of rodeos and and grand events. People from all over the world come to celebrate. CFD has events from the Grand Parade, which features historical floats, carriages, old cars, and of course, the cowboys and horses. There’s the pancake breakfast that serves free food to everyone who comes. The city hosts the United States Air Force Thunderbirds, which are fighter jets that demonstrate aerial tactics. CFD’s biggest event is the rodeo that runs the whole two weeks. Concerts are hosted in the evenings at Frontier Park. CFD will be celebrating its 122-year anniversary this summer.

Many of these events are old traditions that that have been part of CFD since 1897. . In recent years, CFD has started to sway from the tradition of only featuring popular country music acts for the nighttime concerts. CFD’s newest singer this year will be Post Malone, who, according to, “stirs a mix of genres into his own sonic sound.”

Bringing in other genres instead of country tends to hurt these old traditions. I personally do not like it as I think everything should be kept in the Western spirit. My argument in this sense is watching a cowboy movie with country music playing in the background. I wouldn’t want to watch a cowboy movie with rock music. It would take away the mentality of the movie.

The only reason CFD brings in other forms of music like Malone is to obtain more money from people who don’t listen to country. Rick Roddam of published an article right before last year’s CFD called “The 10 Biggest Concerts In Cheyenne Frontier Days History,” all of which included country artists.

Every year, lots of money is spent to host a proud tradition of celebrating the Western history and culture of the city. Therefore, everything should follow that idea, even the genre of the concerts.

If the city wants to start celebrating with more rock concerts or other genres of music, then dedicate times and events for that only, but do not change what has been done for over 120 years.

I would like to see old country folk songs dedicated to the Western traditions of CFD. Even one concert dedicated to Roy Rogers’ old songs would make me happy, and seeing people who enjoy Cheyenne’s old traditional values and their reactions to these songs would be a great change.  The Sons of the Pioneers were the earliest country singing groups that shaped country music to what it is today. Without them, there wouldn’t really be a country music genre.

Would Cheyenne see more people come in for their concerts if they brought back these earliest traditions of country music? Would it be more enjoyable for the traditionalists who would like to see these songs pop back up on the lineup? I say yes.

Living in Cheyenne is exciting because of the Western culture and history that I’ve grown to love and I hope it continues to try and stay that way. We can keep the western traditions, especially when it comes to the music and instilling them into the younger generation to appreciate its significance in Cheyenne’s history. We should get them more involved with the history and culture about Cheyenne. Let them be a part of CFD by volunteering or apply for jobs. We have already lost our younger generation in Wyoming to other things. Let us not lose them in keeping country music traditions.


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