“Being a good teammate is where I’m at right now”

Rodeo athlete Caydee Johnson has hit a slump since last season, but she hasn’t let her setbacks shake her spirit.

A year ago, Johnson took first place in the all-around at a rodeo hosted by Colorado State as a freshman athlete. Now, a year later, Johnson said she has hit a slump with her sophomore season.

“Last year went a lot better but, that’s rodeo, you go through slumps,” Johnson said. “Right now, I kind of have a chance to go to (College National Finals Rodeo), but my teammates have a bigger chance, so I’m just trying to stay positive for them.”

The College National Finals Rodeo only accepts the top three rodeo athletes in each event in the region.

Johnson hasn’t let this slump kill her motivation and spirit, saying that she is trying her best to help her teammates do their best.

“Being a good teammate is where I’m at right now,” Johnson said.

Johnson also said that she is personally trying to work on her mental game and not letting bad rodeo get to her so she can focus on the next rodeo.

“Last week, it was really hard for me because I got the news that I didn’t make it into the radiology program,” Johnson said. “So trying to stay focused for Fort Collins was a little difficult.”

Johnson said she wants to focus on getting through rodeo season and trying to figure out what to do after this semester of school.

Johnson said that she would like to try again for radiology, and that if she does, she will be continuing with rodeo for LCCC, so she can “rodeo for four years, potentially five,” Johnson said.

Johnson said she doesn’t know what the summer holds for her when it comes to school, but that she will be participating in rodeos all summer. She also said she’ll be riding a lot of young colts and getting them ready to bring back to college.

Johnson’s attitude toward rodeo hasn’t changed from last year despite not having as good of a season.

“It’s fun and it will be in my life forever,” Johnson said.

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