Students discuss problems at SGA-sponsored forum

On March 28, the Laramie County Community College Student Government Association hosted a student forum where students shared their concerns and experiences with the college to SGA and the administration.


The biggest concern many students shared was the lack of parking and if any new parking would be added in the near future.


Devyn Williams, an LCCC student, shared her concern with the laundry in the Residence Halls.


“There seems to be one or two washers that seem to be broken and always one dryer that doesn’t work,” Williams said. “One problem I struggle with is I have really bad allergies and it’s really hard to share washers with students who work with horses all the time. A lot of my stuff gets hair on it, especially my bedding, which I have to take elsewhere.”


Many students also shared concerns of needing more variety in the cafeteria such as a veggie and fruit bar, and how the cafeteria needs a more easily accessible menu. Another anonymous student said he or she was required to pay for 14 meals per week on the college’s food plan but only ate on campus four times per week.

Hayley Greenwalt, treasurer of SGA, said that she wishes that planning of courses would be easier and accurate.


“I love planning ahead for my classes, and I found it a bit concerning that courses didn’t open up until recently, especially summer classes, to see what was offered,” Greenwalt said. “I would notice that some classes would say that they are offered all semesters when they actually are only open in the spring. That can mess up students with planning where they’d have to stay here at LCCC for longer instead of moving on and getting their degree.”


Greenwalt also added she’d like to see a year-long calendar and something more accurate showing when classes are offered.


One anonymous student asked if the University of Wyoming Outreach program would be expanding to offer more bachelor degrees.


Another concern was the lack of foreign languages, and students asked why Spanish is the only foreign language offered.


Derek Goldfuss, president of SGA, stated that all the questions, comments and concerns get boiled down to the most important statements and SGA would create a memo to send to LCCC’s administration and that the administration will send one back. SGA and administration look at these topics and determine what they can do with them, Goldfuss said. Later on, they discuss what they plan to do to address them.


SGA will not be discussing any of these topics from the open student forum at its meetings for the next three weeks, but the group will bring up the issues again once members have a chance to discuss them. SGA meetings are held from 5 to 7 p.m. every Wednesday at Crossroads Room 104.


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