From student to professional: 1971 LCCC graduate, Lead Accounting Technician submitted retirement papers effective July 2019

Accurate and Steadfast: McCune’s collegues described her as professional and even-keeled. Photo by Courtney Walston

With 48 years of service under her belt, Laramie County Community College lead accounting technician Marsha McCune has submitted her retirement plans, effective July 15.

McCune’s tenure at the college began before she was brought on as a college employee, starting in 1969 when she graduated high school and became an LCCC student.

During her time taking classes, McCune was a work-study student in the accounting department fulfilling duties such as filing paperwork. She graduated with an associate’s degree in 1971. McCune’s exposure to the accounting department as a work-study student led to the college offering her a full-time position in 1971, and she’s been with the college since.

“It’s the one and only job I’ve ever had and I’ve been too comfortable in it and I never wanted to leave,” McCune said.

The college has grown a significant amount since McCune began in 1971, and she’s had the opportunity to see it change.

“It’s grown a lot. I mean, goodness sakes, it started out with three buildings,” McCune said. “There’s so much more out here now. The library is beautiful now, I just love it. This is the most impressive part for me.”

McCune said that she’s not sure if she has a favorite part of her job, just that she does what needs to be done in regard to her responsibilities.

“I gather up all the cashier’s sessions and have to post them and they get posted twice a week … if something comes in, I get it ready to post … they have to get posted or nothing shows up, student accounts,” McCune said.

Michelle Beahm, an accounting technician and colleague of McCune, said that McCune has hardly taken a day off for in the more than 20 years that she’s known her.

“I remember that she had shingles once and was anxious to get back,” Beahm said. “She was off for three weeks, maybe. That’s the first time that I remember her ever really being sick or calling in sick. But for the most part, she’s been here every single day.”

Pam DeMartin, the accounting and payroll supervisor, said that she and her colleagues have had to really push McCune to take vacation time because if she didn’t use it, she would lose it.

When it comes to McCune’s best qualities as the lead accounting technician, a resounding theme was voiced among her colleagues: her accuracy and even-keeled nature.

“Marsha can come across as gruff but she really has a heart of gold,” accounting technician Luzette Miller said. “She really does. And she wants things to be right, so she wants you to do things correctly and she has no problem telling you if they’re not. So, she will help you get it fixed.”

Beahm said that the way McCune addresses issues is thoughtful.

“It’s in a very tactful, kind of gentle manner,” Beahm said. “It’s hard to rile her but when she gets riled, she gets riled. Easy-going, even-keeled.”

Miller recalled a fond memory of McCune bringing her grandson to visit the accounting department.

“She’s got a little grandson, his name is Josiah, and when he was younger, he used to come in and visit us quite often,” Miller said. “So, Josiah and I would get into trouble because we would get to playing and get too loud, then grandma would come out and would tell us to settle down. I was always in trouble with grandma.”

McCune’s dedication to the college is something that both Miller and DeMartin said is something admirable.

“I think she’s set a good example for me,” Miller said. “I kind of look up to Marsha. For one thing, who can stay 48 years in one place? So, that just amazes me.”

DeMartin said that McCune’s longevity with the college is something that makes her an inspiration and that her ability to leave her personal life at the door is something to look up to.

“Watching her grow with the college shows you that you can have that perseverance and like your job,” DeMartin said. “And then everything that she’s gone through, like in her personal life, it’s never come into the realm of her work and that is very respectable. She does not bring anything in, even when we know that things are going on, it’s never affected her steadfast, it’s never affected the way she comes in, it’s never affected her personality … you can really look up to somebody like that because a lot of people bring in a lot of baggage and you’d never know it with her.”

When working with the same co-workers for over 10 or 20-plus years, it’s natural to learn things from each other, and McCune and her colleagues are no exception.

Miller said that she learned to stay calm and take everything in stride from McCune.

Beahm said that McCune mentored her when she started in the accounting office.

“She taught me the ropes when I started working beside her,” Beahm said. “But since then, she’s been asking for my help on stuff, so the tables have kind of turned. But I feel honored that she asks me for help.”

McCune’s retirement is effective July 15. She said that she made the decision to retire to spend more time with her family.

“I’ve got three grandkids now and I would really like to spend more time with them and do more things before I get too old. I’d like to spend more time with my husband, too,” McCune said.

McCune said that the people she works with are a good bunch and that she’s going to miss them once her chapter with LCCC is finished.

“I’m just going to miss the place, I think,” McCune said.


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