Editor says one last goodbye

If you don’t have emotions or enjoy living life with feelings, this piece isn’t for you. So, “thank you, next.”


I have been at Laramie County Community College for the past two years, and on May 18, I’ll be walking the stage at commencement and leaving LCCC for good. This is just a soap piece and me thanking everyone along the way of my time here at LCCC.


First, I never expected to be a part of the school paper, let alone a paid editor who leads the paper. I was initially going for special education, but that quickly became the career I wanted to avoid. Those are also teachers I will always have the utmost respect for, as it takes someone special to lead the charge in those situations. So then I thought, “Hey, I like sports and ESPN, let’s become the next Stephen A. or Jeremiah Johnke,” and joined the Mass Media program. Other than getting engaged to a beautiful girl, that was the best decision I could’ve ever made.


I need to thank my English 1010 teacher, Melanie Young, who taught me the basics of English and writing. If you were to read my first article from Journalistic Writing, an initial mass media course, you would’ve thought my writing was as good as Peyton Manning in his final year as a Denver Bronco (For you non-sport fans out there, it was absolutely trash.) Along with Young, Jake Sherlock also helped me become the editor/writer I am today. That Journalistic Writing class helped me learn the ways of AP (Associated Press) style and how to just let the writing come to me, instead of trying to force it.


The spring 2018 semester was my first semester as an Wingspanner, and I was thrown into the ring of fire. On the first day of class, I was given my first three stories and ad assignments, which freaked me out. But I calmed down and thought, “Hey, I got this.” I went to go interview my first source (who will not be named) and walked in like I owned the joint, and was quickly set in my place. This source actually scared the living crap out of me. Also during that semester, I wrote a story on the Exam Lab. Well, I made the source for that upset, and sparked my first controversy as a journalist. I had to re-interview the source and rewrite the story. As a tip to future or even current journalists, record your interviews and keep them. Fun fact: every current Wingspan Editor had some sort of controversy from being part of the paper.


Being part of Wingspan, I’ve met some super cool people and have done some super cool things. In October, I went to Louisville, Kentucky, and attended a media conference and learned many things. Did you know, that even though you’re on the radio, people still picture your face? Early April, Wingspan went to the Region IX Society of Professional Journalists conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Let’s just say we came, we saw and we conquered. Wingspan won many awards at the conference. I was one of the finalists. I don’t usually like to brag about my accomplishments, but this time I will.


I never used a digital camera until becoming a member of Wingspan last fall. I had the honor (due to Sherlock, former head coach Austin Albers and Athletic Director Clark Rasmussen) to go and cover the LCCC Volleyball team in Hutchinson, Kansas, where they went on to take ninth place in the nation. I was “voluntold” by Sherlock to take a DSLR camera and take action photos of the team. I hated him in a loving way for it.


“I aM jUsT pUsHiNg YoU,” Sherlock said.


The November sports cover got me a finalist award in sports photography. I came into this program trying to just talk about sports, but now I have a passion in sports photography. Thanks, Sherlock.


Also to my fellow editors, thank you. First, Madeleine Overstreet. I hated you, I wanted your paycheck because I was broke and you were new. But now I thank you and will cherish our time together forever. I hope your books become everything you want them to, and make sure I get a signed copy. Always remember, you’re a legend.


Christopher “Stuart” Edwards, thank you. You made me laugh in every conversation and even though our time as editors together wasn’t long, I respect you for how you handled it. I will also cherish our time together even though you’re an bully. And just a reminder, “your mom” jokes are old.


Josh Lee… you’re a little crazy. But I also appreciate you during my time here as well as working a full year as an editor with you. We made some good papers and had some good laughs. Even though you’re the Beyoncé of Wingspan, I think that you’re the GOAT. We have put endless hours in the Wingspan office, and we all know that we have wanted to kill each other. But the awesome selfies (see photo) are ones I’ll cherish. Please stay golden and never change the way you are, in your 20BiTeen life.


Those three also read this before it was published, so I’m offenend.


There are so many faculty and staff members to thank. I will be forever in debt to Mary Ludwig, Clark Rasmussen, Austin Albers, Madi Lacey and many more. LCCC is just a huge high school but it will always have a special place in my heart. As this is one of my last stories I write, I hope I had an impact for this paper and hope I’m somewhat remembered.


As I leave Wingspan,  “i” (inside Wingspan joke, I never use to capitalize I) know that I will miss it. Going to a school all the way in Missouri will be somewhat easy because of my time at this school.


  1. Heather Tidwell


    So proud of you Will! I know you will do great things and I know that you will always be a voice for those who can’t defend themselves!!!

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