Top 10 songs released in 2019 that should be added to your summer playlists

Since summer is almost around the corner I’ve decided to tell you the top 10 songs, released in 2019, that you should add to your summer playlist. I will also be linking Spotify and YouTube playlist links I made for summer playlists.


  1. Bad Guy by Billie Eilish

“Bad Guy” is packed with bass and really good harmonies. This song is best played in a car with the windows down, maybe singing as loud as you can with some friends. Unlike what has been played in the past years with house and tropical house taking over radio ways, Eilish changes it up by moving on from those trends. The catchy chorus is what really sells this song, as well as the synths in the post-chorus. The song ends with a heavy trap drop.  


  1. Love Me & Let Me Go by Ashley Tisdale

Tisdale is set to release her first album, Symptoms, in 10 years on May 3. “Love Me & Let Me Go” is the second single released from the album. This mid-tempo bop addresses anxiety but puts it in a lighter frame rather than making it dark. “Walk away, finally let me breathe / stop being so obsessed with me / love me and let me go,” she sings in the chorus. The build up to the drop uses Tisdale’s synths and tropical moods to bring together a perfectly produced track.


  1. Love Letter by Nina Nesbitt

“Love Letter” is the ultimate upbeat breakup song. It has more of a latin influence, based on the guitar in the start of the song and throughout the background. Nothing is better than singing and jamming in the car to this song. Although the song is kind of a roast track, it’s still a great song to jam to in the summer.


  1. Summer Days (feat. Macklemore & Patrick Stump) by Martin Garrix

Literally the song has “summer” in the title, so why not add it? It blends an alternative type sound with electronic dance music creating the perfect blend for a summer bop. Patrick Stump (from Fall Out Boy) sings the chorus and first verse. The guitar brings out summer vibes, makes me think of driving through palm trees or hanging out on a beach. Macklemore adds a nice touch to the song as he raps over an electric guitar.


  1. Phone Down by Armin van Buuren & Garibay

Although this song brings nothing new to the table when it comes to EDM, it’s still a nice song that you need to add to your summer playlist. This track offers a good relaxed break in the chorus rather than intense bass, all in your face. Synths accompany the drop, which brings a nice summer vibe. This song is about longing for someone and wanting to be next to the person they love, hoping they’d call them.


  1. Love Me by Felix Cartal & Lights

Lights brings a nice accompany to this EDM track. The song is about her loving someone, but she can’t make them love her back, “I can’t get you off my of my mind / why do I keep wasting my time / man you make it easy for me / so why can’t I make you love me, love me,” she sings on the chorus. The drop repeats “you know I can’t” chopped up to accompany the beats. Allow this to be a song to jam to this summer.  


  1. Novocaine by The Unlikely Candidates

This song is probably the best alternative song to add to your summer playlist. The guitar and drum beat applies a nice touch to the singer’s raspy tone. This song doesn’t have a drop like the previous songs on this list, but the chorus is still cool. The bass is also good in the car.


  1. bloodline by Ariana Grande

This is a latin-influenced bop. The trumpets in the back accommodate this latin-influenced song. This song deals with a more dirty side of Grande, where she wants to mess around, but doesn’t want to have them stay with her, or have them in her “bloodline.” Anything from this album, “thank u, next,” will work to add to your summer playlist, but this has more summer vibes than any other song.


  1. Kill This Love by BLACKPINK

This korean pop girl group is back with a new hit called “Kill This Love.” BLACKPINK mixes pop, rap, hip-hop and EDM to make this perfect track. This song is more about how love destroys them so they have to destroy it back. The song has more of a fight feeling to it, and the bass is amazing on this track.


  1. Blue Light by XYLØ

Off of one of the best EPs released this year, this is one song that has to be on your summer playlist. Any song from this EP would work, but this one I chose because of the production and catchiness of the song. The lyrics are about longing and wanting to belong, but she can’t love herself. She’s hoping that someone loving her can help her. This emotional song should be added to your playlists as a good mid-tempo, love-yourself anthem.


Here’s what my Spotify playlist looks like. Photo by Josh McLees

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