SGA receives $234K in SAFAC funding requests

Laramie County Community College has many clubs for students to participate in.

Each club fundraises for money to help pay for student activities done by the club. Others apply for funding from the Student Activity-Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC) run by the Student Government Association.

According to the SAFAC procedure, student activity fees are designed to support student activities, organizations and associations.

The purpose of SAFAC is to make recommendations to the vice president for Administration and Finance which student organizations should receive student fee support and how much.

“Clubs have about a month to submit an application for funding from the student activity fee,” Zeke Sorenson, the SGA advisor, said. “The applications are then gathered and given to the committee for review. Club presentations are then scheduled and clubs present in front of the committee and the committee is given opportunities to ask the clubs questions. The committee then meets and deliberates and makes decisions providing rationale for their decisions.”

According to Sorenson, clubs should also plan on fundraising to help pay for what they are requesting funds for, especially if they are requesting funds for travel. It also helps to show the club is active and has provided benefits to students both in the club and provided service back to the college or community in some way.

This year, requests from student organizations totaled $234,378.05, with only $195,000 available to allocate to the organizations. That left $39,378.05 in unfunded requests.

“Deductions are made from the student activity fee as a tax for services that help to fund offices and functions that serve the student body in terms of activity and engagement,” Sorenson said. “Eight percent of the total is also taken from this total to put into a contingency fund, a reserve account to help fund supplemental requests and needs that come up.”

According to Sorenson, the students who serve on this committee are tasked with making big decisions and providing sound logic and rationale for their decisions. They are tasked with making budget cuts, so they are learning how to negotiate within a committee, communicate using sound logic and evidence, as well as valuable leadership skills.

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