Students team up with Livestock judging to raise money

Each year, the Laramie County Community College Livestock Merchandising class teams up with the Livestock Judging team to hold an annual fundraiser to raise money for the team.

The Livestock Merchandising class is part of the Agribusiness Technology program at LCCC. Students learn how to analyze problems in agriculture and how to run an online sale with this annual fundraiser.

“The fundraiser is set up initially through the livestock merchandising class,” said Matt Morrison, coach of the Livestock Judging team. “Part of the curriculum of the class is that the students get hands-on experience working through a livestock sale.”

Many livestock sales are done with online marketing, which provides a wider variety of customers.

“One of the avenues is by holding the online fundraiser, it allows the students to work with a sale medium that is very relevant to what the livestock industry is doing,” Morrison said.

Students from both the merchandising class, the livestock judging team and the livestock show team are encouraged to participate.

According to Morrison, one of the responsibilities of the students that are putting on the sale is to go out and to communicate with members of the community, industry partners and obtain other goods or services to put into the sale. For example, Cheyenne Frontier Day tickets.

“You don’t have to be a livestock enthusiast to be able to support the program and support the sale when you have some of those non-livestock related items in there,” Morrison said.

The fundraiser was listed as the Livestock team’s annual fundraiser, so the money raised goes to the LCCC Foundation and then is primarily used for scholarships and other livestock team activities.

According to Morrison, the 2019 Livestock Judging team’s annual fundraiser went really well. From a financial aspect, the team raised just over $6,800.

“It was a very big success from that standpoint. It was a very good learning opportunity for the students,” Morrison said. “Right as we were getting ready to host the sale, we actually had a big blizzard, so it impacted some of our timelines and things, so it was great to have our students learn to work around that and figure out how to handle that sort of situation.”

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