Cheyenne author Rebekah Sweet publishes first book

Publishing a book for the first time can be both rewarding and overwhelming. An aspiring author faces many challenges when publishing.

A first-time author has to allow time for editing, which can take years. Also, the author has to consider the cost of self publishing; publishing and marketing fees are two major expenses. Regardless of the road to being a newly published author, Rebekah Sweet prevailed.

Sweet, the now published author of “A Heart’s Inscriptions,” was born in Oklahoma but raised in Cheyenne. As a child, Sweet came to realize her love for writing when she wrote her first major story when she was 10 years old. Since then, Sweet continued reading and writing large numbers of books and stories and eventually went off to college.

She attended Baptist College of Ministry, where she studied missions. The missions program prepares young people for a life of service in the harvest fields of the world through linguistics, discipleship, and missionary skills training. Sweet said she was forced to drop out of the college of ministry due to financial hardship. She applied to a more affordable school to study mass media with a concentration in multimedia; the author is now attending Laramie County Community College, where she is on staff with Wingspan.

Publishing a book for the first time is a process that can take years. Being an author of a published book, Sweet has a lot of insight on what it takes to get it done. She suggests that aspiring authors have patience during this process because there are a lot of hands in the pot. Sweet had to allow her book to be picked apart by the illustrators, the marketing consultant and the publishing consultant. Also, the book had to go through a tedious editing process. The book of short stories was originally 330 pages but after editing it had decreased to 140 pages.

As a person who has faced many obstacles in her life, Sweet wanted to assure the world that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Her main purpose in writing this book of short stories was to let people know that there is hope in life regardless of how hard things get.

In 2017, Sweet lost her grandfather. The unfortunate loss of her grandfather was also the driving factor for her to publish her book.

“My grandfather pushed me, he wanted me to do something with my life,”, Sweet said.

Sweet was also highly influenced to publish because of her faith. The author kept the publishing of her book a secret from her family for two years. Sweet expressed that it was hard to keep it a secret.

“Some of my stories may seem sad,” Sweet said. “However, it is in the sad and troubled times of our lives that draws many closer to God or in search of something to satisfy.”


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