City encourages online pothole reports

Reporting potholes:
People who wish to report a pothole in their area should go to the city of Cheyenne’s website or through the mobile app.

There is nothing more annoying than going down the road and jamming out to tunes or talking to friends and family then suddenly- BANG- your car lurches forward and the entire steering wheel vibrates from a pothole.
Granted this time of year they’re all over the city of Cheyenne from Dell-Range to East Lincoln Way, they’re potholes all over. Even private property like the Frontier Mall has potholes all over like land mines waiting to be driven over.
In the last year, the Cheyenne Public Works has received about 1,200 calls or reports of potholes in Cheyenne alone, that’s over 100 potholes a month. So what’s up with all of the potholes you may ask?
I spoke to Vicki Nemecek at Cheyenne Public Works and she told me that the main reason why we have so many potholes in the spring is the fact that “the snow and water gets under the asphalt and freezes which then melts and turns into moisture and starts to crack the asphalt and after that’s happened, a few times it starts to break into pieces. You also have to remember that there is snow plows going through cleaning up snow and when their blades hit the cracked asphalt it makes potholes”.
Vicki also goes onto say that “the worst thing that happens to asphalt is standing water of any kind if there is standing water it has nowhere to go except down into the asphalt to freeze and then melts and turns into moisture and it repeats itself during the winter months and that’s how we get the really big potholes because it’s constantly getting water in that one area.” So the best thing we can do is to make sure that there is no large puddles anywhere outside on the streets of our homes and places that we work at. What’s the best way to fix potholes and to make them go away quicker? The best way to get a pothole fixed is to take a photo of it on the City of Cheyenne app and click on the report a concern tab which will let you send in the photo and your current location also please send it in with your name and email. The reason why you want to send it

Pothole problem: One of the many potholes that cover the streets of Cheyenne

in with your name and email is the fact that they will send you an email back when the pothole has been fixed so you can get confirmation that the pothole itself has been taken care of. Now if you don’t really care about getting a confirmation back from Cheyenne Public works you can sign in as a guest and still send the photo.
Here are some more interesting facts about what Cheyenne Public works does with potholes they’re two teams that work in sections to get all the potholes done in one area at a time that includes major streets and alleyways, if you have a pothole on your street and its been there for a while chances are they don’t know about it and you should send it in using the app. The reason why they keep pushing the app is if they’re in that area they will be able to take care of the pothole quickly. Also the potholes in areas like the exit outside of Frontier mall across the street from Target and next to Verizon Wireless and Men’s Warehouse. Any business that is private is not something Cheyenne Public works can fix. For people who live in residential areas that have pot holes down the street should call Public Works at 307-637-6263 or use the app to alert them about pots holes on your block because Public Works has almost 500 miles of streets in the city and not enough people to go out and find potholes.
So the next time you have the unfortunate luck of running into a pothole instead of letting your car get hit and you getting mad and upset about it, do something to help around town and take a second and fill out the information on the City of Cheyenne App or website and be apart of the solution to get potholes fixed in Cheyenne.


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