Trustees consider employee residency requirement

The Board of Trustees is examining a new policy that would require certain managerial employees of Laramie County Community College to live in either Laramie or Albany counties.
During the Feb. 20 Board of Trustees meeting, chairman Jess Ketcham, Human Resources director Tammy Mass, and Tara Nethercott, the college’s legal counsel, presented the first draft of a Senior Employee Residency Requirement Policy. The proposal would require employees who are at the director level or above to live in Laramie or Albany County. The policy would affect new hires, and all current non-residents would be grandfathered in.
Ketcham said he proposed the policy change because it’s important for managers to be available for emergency response if something happens at the college. He said it’s important for a manager to be available in case of emergencies and it would be easier if managers lived in Cheyenne instead of coming from out of town.
Ketcham said the college needs employees out in the community, especially when information needs to be shared about critical issues involving the college such as election campaigns.
Trustee Don Erikson said he was against the policy because he felt like the policy was discriminatory.
“Why should one group and not all the rest,” be required to live in Laramie County, he said.
The board voted 4-3 to direct the staff to complete a new draft of the policy for discussion at a later meeting.

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