The Day Before expected to draw more than 300 new students for first-annual event

Mark your calendars and get ready to celebrate ‘The Day Before.” The inaugural event is in association with the new Guided Pathways program that Laramie County Community College is hosting.

The Day Before is aptly named as it takes place Aug. 20, the day before classes officially kick off for the Fall 2019 semester. With around 600 people expected to attend, this will also include over 300 new students, their families, and some returning students, The Day Before is already a success.

So, what is The Day Before?

To put it simply, The Day Before is a new orientation event that has been designed to better aid students in streamlining their entrance at LCCC, but more so, it is an opportunity for students to celebrate their entrance at LCCC and learn more about the campus and the services it has to offer.

As part of the development and implementation of the new Guided Pathways 2.0 program, previous orientation models had been identified as opportunities that were not contributing to the new program in the sense of streamlining the entrance process for students. According to Alli McCown, Student Hub Coordinator at LCCC, “It’s wasn’t always easy for students to attend an orientation, and it wasn’t doing a good job of helping them to celebrate becoming an LCCC student and learning about the campus.”

Before, orientations would take place several months prior to classes starting, which proved to be less beneficial to students in regard to locating their classes, locating parking, and learning about the services available to them at LCCC, services such as the Student Success Services. The previous attendance of orientation events has also been much lower than what is expected at this year’s new event.

For students attending The Day Before event, there are many benefits such as becoming better orientated with campus, and opportunities to meet their instructors, and getting to know some of their fellow new and returning students. The overall idea of this event is to streamline the entrance process, as well as to help ease much of the first day anxieties that many new students face when attending a new school.

The Day Before has been planned out to include a welcome message from LCCC President Dr. Joe Shaffer, a great big photo of the whole group, free lunch, free T-shirts, yard games, and connection time for students to wander campus and become more familiar with the surroundings.

To help facilitate this event, LCCC has reached out to returning students and faculty for volunteers to help with setup and breakdown, as well as assisting students as they find their way around campus. McCown says that some student groups and faculty have already volunteered, but no one who wants to help will be turned away. She also adds that volunteers will receive free T-shirts and lunch for their participation and support of this event.

“Over 600 people will be coming on campus for this event,” McCown says, “so the buy-in from campus members is extremely important for the (incoming) students attending.” Having campus members with knowledge of the event and of the campus, that can help address students’ needs during the day’s activities, will be important for the success of The Day Before.

Attending classes in Laramie, not Cheyenne? LCCC is also hosting a Welcome Day at the Laramie campus on Sept. 5. This is an opportunity for Albany County Campus members to connect with each other and learn more about the resources and programs available to them in Laramie. This event will also include free T-shirts and a free breakfast or lunch. For a schedule of the event and to RSVP, go to: and follow the RSVP link found at the bottom.

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