A secret that last’s “Evermore”

“There are times when we need to hold out faith and hope even when the circumstances seem impossible.”

“Evermore” is the second book to Jody Hedlund’s newest young adult fiction series. The book “Evermore” is just as exciting as the prequel.

One of the lost princesses has been handed the key that holds a secret and the realization that she is the next rightful queen of the land.

Adelaide struggles with the idea of being royalty but learns through her most trusted advisor, Christopher who is her “push” and guidance in her life. Not only did Adelaide grow up in protection of his family, but she shares a very close relationship with him. Adelaide struggles with her emotions and guarding her position as “queen” safe. Throughout the story, she learns to forgive. Especially when she is wronged by someone very close to her with willful intentions.

“Evermore” teaches the greatest lesson accepting of where God has placed our lives with grace. We may not like it or it is unbelievable as if it were only a dream. We often think “why am I special? What have I done to be placed in a position of great honor by God?”

Love Jody Hedlund’s series and am very excited for the series to continue.

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