Jody Hedlund’s new series…”Always” leaves you captivated

“Sometimes, when we think we’ve come to a dead end, we’ve arrived instead at God’s stepping-stone on the way to bigger plans.”

Jody Hedlund’s newest novella, “Always” is the start of a new young adult series. It is captivating and enjoyable.

A lady of the court has made a promise. The king’s guardsman has also made a promise but each to the other of the royal members.
Both are in a race for their lives and struggle to keep emotions at bay and focus on their duties of protecting the princesses. But as time passes, the relationship between the two grows through humility and diversities.

“Always” teaches the lesson of how circumstances in our lives brings us to humbleness.

Author Jody Hedlund has captivated me with her book. The book was very enjoyable and I was always disappointed when my reading became interrupted. Hedlund keeps her books modest and sweet. The book is perfect for any younger princesses in the home. But it is written in a way where everyone can enjoy reading it. Don’t miss out on adding this new series to your book collection.


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