Ranch Horse season starts with a preview

Waitin on the Trail:
LCCC Ranch Horse team waits for team member Caitlin Garcia to show in the Trail class in Wheatland at the NJC Collegiate and Open Stock Horse Show on Sept. 7

As fall sports begin practicing and competing, the Laramie County Community College Ranch Horse team also kicked off its season.

Coach Danny May and his team worked hard for their first show. “The goals that we have for this semester are the same that we’ve had in the past,” said May. According to May, the main goal the team is after is individual attainment.

“We always look at shows as a test of how much attainment we’ve accomplished,” May said. “Attainment is something that no one can take away from us. A judge or someone’s opinion can keep you from winning a buckle but they can’t take away the attainment you’ve accomplished.”

May said his main goal for the team is to work hard to make the horses more broke and more complete. May also wants his team to become better horsemen and improve their horsemanship and show skills but most importantly to have fun.

“Going into this first show I am very, very, very excited. I’m not sure how we’re going to place because I have no idea what everybody else has. But I see a lot of undeveloped talent on this team,” May said. “We’re going to use this first show to develop our base. This is where we’re at, now let’s go upward.”

May has been coaching the LCCC Ranch Horse team for three years. “We’ve kept the same principals and goals throughout the years at practice. I may have tweaked some of the things I teach but it’s mostly been the same,” May said.

The LCCC Ranch Horse team headed to Wheatland the weekend of Sept. 6-8 for the NJC Collegiate and Open Stock Horse Show. The team came in first place overall at the show, with Layne George winning the All-Around Collegiate Non-pro division and Tyson Martin winning the All-Around Collegiate Novice division.

Upcoming shows for the LCCC Ranch Horse team this fall are in Elbert, CO, on Oct. 4-6 and in Loveland, CO, on Nov. 22-24.

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