Food and fun at the farmers market

The farmers market in Cheyenne started 38 years ago. It runs for 10 weeks, from the first of August until the first of October. At the time of writing, there are 42 vendors, each selling a variety of artisan goods and fresh produce. All proceeds from the farmers market go to an organization called Community Action of Laramie County, which aims to reduce poverty in Laramie County and help people become self-sufficient. If you’re looking for good food, lively atmosphere, and great people, come stop by the Cheyenne farmers market.  

Photos by Austin Babcock
Paige (left) and Jamie (right) Joelson buy salsa from Eland (middle) and Rose (back) at Ramons Burritos

Earl Janack has been playing music for the farmers market for over 20 years

(right to left) John Williams speaks with Mama Boo’s Korean Cuisine about their kimchi

(left to right) Giana, Ellecia, Maeson, and Kim try some of Amber’s (back) peanut-butter at PB&J’s

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