Amanda Brown moves up to a new position

Amanda Brown has worn quite a few different hats here at LCCC. She started here as a student in 2002 and then in 2014 she was hired as an adviser. Now she is teaching psychology to it’s students and in between she’s been a counselor and taught COLS.

You might wonder why she’s been in so many different positions here. It’s really quite simple. Brown goes where opportunity takes her.

As Brown puts it, she has an interesting way of becoming a counselor. She is an LCCC alum with her associates degree in chemistry that she received in 2004. After that, she then transferred to Chadron State College to earn a Bachelors in human anatomy. Brown’s last semester at Chadron she took a class in genetics and the teacher talked about genetic counseling and Brown realized that was what she wanted to do. For her it was the perfect combination of statistics, science, teaching and counseling. She went back to Chadron and got a second bachelors in psychology. Part of that psychology program was an internship so she interned at a women’s residential treatment center where she ended up accepting a position as a caseworker and staying there for three years. That spurred her into counseling so she went back to the University of Wyoming and received her Masters in Counselor Education.

She enjoyed her counseling days, but her long term career goal was to teach and an opportunity presented itself to Brown and she jumped on it. By teaching she gets to interact with more students and to really get to know more about them and to contribute and be a part of their professional development.

As a first year teacher Brown only has four classes. She teaches psycho biology which is the anatomy of the brain, general psychology for all majors, abnormal psychology which is diagnosis and understanding the symptomology behind mental health disorders, and developmental psychology which is about how we develop from childhood to adolescence and all the stages we go through during that time.

One thing she would like to convey as an instructor is that as a student you need to get out and explore who you are in the workplace. Don’t wait until you have a degree to go get a job. Brown held many jobs as a student. She interned with Governor Freudenthals office, she worked at Texas Roadhouse, a farm store, and as a cna with developmentally disabled individuals at the ARC in Laramie.

Brown talked about what she hopes to achieve as an instructor. She said, “For students coming back to college it is really intimidating daunting kind of thought and I just want to inspire hope that you can achieve that and that it is worth it. And that you’re going to develop as a person in doing so.Brown’s goals are for her students to develop personally and professionally in the way they talk about mental health in the community and the way they provide services.

Brown said, “Sometimes you just help people believe in their strengths. I hope I can be someone who can build those connections for students in the community to people that will be influential for them.”

“She’s the type of person where you don’t even have to be her student She will just help whoever she can. It’s so much more than just her job like this is actually what she wants to do and where she wants to be. She’s really, really good at it and we are very lucky to have her here in any capacity,” said Jenna Landry, Brown’s previous COLS student.

Asked what her long term career goals are Brown says, “I want to stay at LCCC until I retire. I love LCCC. I love what it does for the community and it does for the students.It gave me a home when I was a student here and I want to do the same for other students.”  She hopes to stay as an instructor for awhile. Wherever she is needed in LCCC that’s where she wants to be. She would like to eventually get her Ph.D.

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