LCCC hopes to add Bachelor programs

Exciting changes are coming to Laramie County Community College in the coming year. Last year a bill that allows Wyoming community colleges to provide a limited number of bachelor degree programs was passed. LCCC and Central Wyoming Community College are both in the process of adding advanced degree programs.

The bill only allows a limited number of bachelor programs per school. LCCC is in the process of adding two programs to its future schedule, Applied Management and Healthcare Administration.

Two factors went into the decision of where the college would start with Bachelor programs, LCCC President Dr. Joe Schaffer said. He said they looked at the job market and found that the number of management level jobs was expected to grow in the coming years. Most management level jobs require a bachelor’s degree, but there is little to no convenient education opportunities in Cheyenne for residents to acquire the needed degree, Schaffer said.

Schaffer said they also looked at where LCCC produces a lot of graduates, which, as many know, is healthcare. Deciding on healthcare administration became an obvious choice for LCCC. CWC is looking at Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Tribal Leadership.

“In regards to enrollment increase,” Schaffer said, “Our estimation right now in both options we’d be looking at cohorts of 15-20 at the most. So it’ll have some enrollment impact but I don’t know that it’ll be as significant as people say. It’s not going to bring hundreds of students in I don’t think.”

These additions are not going to boost LCCC to university status in any way. But what it will do is provide even more opportunities for the Cheyenne community to achieve a higher education. “I think that’s the hope, that we turn the tide and we start to increase the education levels of the community,” Schaffer said.

Schaffer said he hopes to have these programs ready for enrollment and registration as soon as Fall 2020. That is contingent on the approval process and program development the school is currently working on.


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