Spidey senses say Spider-Man leaving MCU will hurt Marvel

This summer we have been graced with two history changing movies with Avengers Endgame and Spider-Man Far From Home. With the epic conclusion of Endgame, Sony and Marvel needed to set their sights on the future of the MCU and, from the looks of it, Spider-Man was going to be the answer to the long problem, ‘What do we do after the death of Tony Stark?’ The answer seemed simple with the cut scenes from Far From Home, Marvel was getting ready to dig deep into Spider-Man’s comics and replace Tony Stark with the one and only Peter Parker.Then the worst thing possible happened. “Spider-Man is no more.” The title on Digital Trends website said in big bold words and going on to explain that Sony and Marvel couldn’t come to an agreement due to Marvel wanting more money, but in the long run its Marvel and Marvel fans that will be disappointed and here’s why. It’s all about where they left off at the end of Spider-Man Far from Home. The world knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man and his secret identity is no more. We see this same story arch in the comics when the sinister six came together to take on Spider-Man. Also, lets not forget about Disney now owning the rights to the Fantastic Four, which is another huge story line for Spider-Man and his relationship with Johnny Storms, “The Human Torch,”  and the trust they build as friends and teammates for the Avengers. I would also like to point out that Sony and Marvel haven’t even scratched the surface with villains and storylines that he could potentially have, including a team up with Tom Hardy who plays Eddie Brock and Venom. If we take a deep dive in what Disney could do next for the comics, in my opinion, every story that comes from the comics involves Spider-Man one way or the other and the fact that Tom Holland is a young actor that could play Peter Parker for years to come is a golden ticket for the MCU and money in both Sony and Marvels pocket. Don’t even get me started about how dumb its gonna look when the next avengers movie comes out and there won’t be any mention of Spider-Man when Falcon becomes Captain America and with no mention of Spider-Man, its gonna feel like we got cheated, not for the fact we wont have anymore team ups with the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man but the fact that they built such a powerful relationship with Happy Hogan that needs to continue to grow and with Sony and Marvel not working things out, it robs future generations of enjoying Spider-Man. Allowing Spider-Man to be pulled from the MCU, the web slinger future is in jeopardy and good luck Sony trying to explain the blip without referencing the other Avenger movies and other huge story lines from the movies. So please, from a fan of the comics and movies, please make this right, not for me but for the late Stan Lee who would have really enjoyed seeing the wall crawlers future being successful in both Sony and Marvel Movies.

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