Series ends in a Splintering Success

“If desires could change hearts, then he had enough to make every wrong in the world right.”

“Protecting the Poor,” is the third and final book in the series, “Tales of Faith” by author Amanda Tero.

Very sad to hear this is the last book in the series, but I know Tero will continue to write and inspire me even more with her other books. Tero’s series ended with a splintering success.

“Protecting the Poor” is a retelling of the legendary Robin Hood that has been a hero people have lived through many generations.

The character Dumphey is the hero of the story and main character. He earns his place with the lads of the forest after his thoughts on their stealing from the lord of the land and others. The lads in turn learn to respect him and his godly ways.

As Tero mentioned in one of her recent blogs, Robin Hood reminds her of David in the Bible, I can almost see where she got her inspiration. Throughout the story, I picture David but with a different plot. One thing that my mind kept battling with was Dumphey’s beliefs and commands for, “no killing the enemy,” unless in self-defense. I understand that, but I could not understand why he would never take the chances when possible.

This quote from Tero’s book had such a powerful statement. “The story of David with Abigail’s husband flashed before his mind. God had killed Nabal in His own time. Could he not do the same for someone like Lord Feroci?”

At one part of the story, Dumphey is given a chance at what could end his miserable life, but will he take it?

I must say I was completely blown away at the ending, but at the same time saw the lesson that Tero was trying to get across and praise her well. I wondered myself…if I were in Dumphey’s position could I have done the same thing?

With that being said, I shall not destroy the story for the reader as they must read it for themselves.

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