Tero “Scores” high in “Wedding Score”

‘“Still waiting on God’s timing.” The pat answer came with ease. I’d only given it like every day for the past ten years.
“Just you wait. Some guy is out there and will totally sweep you off your feet.”
“I grinned. “Sure…’”

“What’s up with all these couples who think they’re responsible to find a partner for all the singles out there just because they have someone?” Such were the thoughts of the main character Stephanie in Amanda Tero’s book set to be out in October, “Wedding Score.”

Stephanie is a pianist; she accompanies and composes arrangements for people’s weddings and other events. She is happy, or so it seems, but the one thing that always comes to haunt her is her being “single.” All around her seems to be love, her cousin, her friends, etc. But in her own love life, that’s a different story. “Ugh. God, I don’t want this struggle! For crying out loud, I was twenty-seven. I had grown through the whole teen-crush stage where each guy was a potential suitor until I came to my senses and realized that he really wasn’t. I had passed through my early twenties when all of the friends my age were getting married. Now, the cousins I remembered visiting in the hospital after their births were up and getting married—or into serious relationships. Here I was, knocking on thirty’s door, and the only single guys I knew weren’t married for very obvious reasons.” Stephanie is the example for other young ladies out there who are still single and maybe what some may say to be too old to ever have that dream of being married. Through her personal struggles and everyone’s remarks or matchmaking, Stephanie must learn to rely on God’s timing and that He knows what is best in life.

Tero has so many great lessons throughout this book. She nails it right on the head when it comes to what most young ladies struggle with today in being single. The character perfectly portrays the loneliness, but also the busyness of how one can become in life. For them, the best thing is to just stay busy and not focus on that thing you long for the most. People most often do not notice it till it literally slams them in the face, whether by a friend, relative, or event. With Stephanie, that’s what seems to happen. One minute she is happy, the next she is grumbling or mulling over something she wants but apparently, the Lord knows she can’t handle at the moment.

This book was very special to me as there were a few things it hit in my own life. I can say I have experienced some of the same things that Stephanie did. One thing to be said from the book, “Be patient and wait. What you dream for in life may come or it may be in a way totally unexpected, the best thing is to just trust the Lord.” I highly recommend this book, especially for single ladies, if you want encouragement here is a book for you.


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