Muddlin head to Ludden

Laramie County Community College offers many resources on campus to the students, but there is one resource some students do not take advantage of as they are unaware of all the services available to them, which is the Ludden Library.

According to Paula Badgett, who is one of the main librarians and whose focus is Arts and Humanities, “there are three major categories of services offered to students. 1. Facility: which includes study rooms, anatomy models, a computer lab and a place for meetings. 2. Collection: ‘Everything’; databases, DVD’s, more online resources, music, anatomy models online that have the 3D ability. (Everything is bought for a specific curriculum). 3. The people-research help. They are there to help the students. They are trained to do so,” Badgett said. There is a section that also contains modern day books for entertainment but most of the books are for academic purposes.

All of these resources are free to students. The only thing that costs is printing, but every student starts out with a $25 credit, a cost already included in students’ college fee. Once this is used up, additional printing money can be added with other forms of payment. Some of the resources, such as the databases are open to degree-seeking as well as non-degree seeking students. However, with non-degree students no remote access is available.

The Ludden Library functions as a statewide library. Students can check out items from anywhere in the state of Wyoming, except for the University of Wyoming, which is not part of the state system.
Student ID cards are also library cards, which is a new system that was set up earlier in the year for the library, which automatically places all the students into the system.
The library does have some fees for late returns but there is a “grace period of 3 weeks,” Badgett said. If something is late, the student is sent reminders by email. If a book is reserved, it is “$1 a day and the laptops are only able to be checked out for three days.” If a book is returned after its due date, the student will be charged. There is also a charge for a book that is “lost or damaged, which is the cost of the book,” Badgett said.
The length of time to borrow resources vary on what kind they are. Reference books may not be removed from the library. DVD’s and magazines are one week. And books that are on the very tall shelves in the library are 3 weeks and can be renewed three times. Items can be placed on hold and when it is available, then it can be borrowed.
Databases are very important, and the library offers many, but they are only accessible in the library on their systems. They have at least 170y available. These the library pays for and subscribes to. Each database focuses on the curriculums and courses offered at LCCC. There are 4 faculty librarians who all have specific areas they have a focus for. The librarians will “Test, trial, and try the databases to be sure they are appropriate for the levels and the programs,” Badgett said.
E-books are also available for check-out purposes.

The resource desk is the main point of contact for the students. Online features of the website have other options as well, but the librarians are trained to help, and answer questions and they have different areas of knowledge. The library is open 75 hours a week. The library is not a 24/7 service, therefore if you need help, you can always leave a question online or email them.
Some additional updates to the library since its reconstruction are the new study areas, private study rooms, the conference room, and a family study room. Other devices the library makes available to students are laptops, scanners and printers. Computers are available for research. The anatomy models are designed for hands-on learning as is a geology table. Clubs can be hosted, as can business meetings or just a place to meet someone and establish a friendship.

The Ludden Library offers so much for the LCCC students. If a student can’t find a resource they need, ask one of the librarians and they can help with researching the right resources that seem overwhelming at times. The key is to just ask — stop muddlin’ and head to Ludden.


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