Headcount: Netflix newest horror movie

Halloween is right around the corner, and Netflix has already started to get the scares flying.

As of Sept. 13, Netflix released a new category, called “Netflix and Chills.” This category features old TV shows and movies, as well as newly released Netflix shows and movies.

The first Netflix movie to be released in this new category is called “Head Count,” a film written and directed by Elle Callahan.

“Head Count” starts off pretty innocently as a character named Evan goes up to meet with his brother Peyton. Evan and Peyton then decide to go on an adventure and climb some rocks. They soon meet a group of other college kids and Evan decides to go off with them.

After a night of partying, the group decides to tell some scary stories. Evan decides to read a poem, called the Hisji. After saying the poem, the crew laughs it off as if it is some joke.

About a day later, the crew realizes that something is going on when Zoe falls off of a cliff and the lights go out at the house that they are staying in. They soon realize that the Hisji may be real.

Head count is C rated for its horror, but it does provide some fun.

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