Haunted house in downtown Cheyenne

Nightmare on 17th Street is a haunted house in downtown Cheyenne which has been running every October for over 30 years. Located in 312 ½ W. 17th Street also known as the Grand Lodge, the upstairs lobby can seat a few hundred patrons while they wait to enter the basement of the building where the main event is located. It holds 14 different horror-themed rooms, each filled with props, special effects, and actors in costume for maximum spookage. The haunted house can bring in around 2,500 visitors over the month so it’s recommended that you come earlier in October when it’s less busy. The building itself is said to be haunted as volunteers and visitors often remark about otherworldly experiences like voices, shadows, and spiritual presence being a common occurrence throughout the rooms. Some members of the Knights of Pythias attribute the spiritual activity to the building’s history as its 135 years old.

The Knights of Pythias is an international fraternal organization that values friendship, charity, and benevolence. They donate the proceeds of the haunted house to various charities. The Knights of Pythias have deep roots in Cheyenne’s history with some of the most notable historical figures like F. E. Warren and John J. Pershing being members of the society. 

Nightmare on 17th Street haunted house every Friday and Saturday from 7 – 11 p.m. in October starting on October 4th until November 1st. The “Costume weekend” event is held on the opening weekend, October 4th – 5th where patrons can wear a costume for half of the admission price. The haunted house will also be open Thursday the 30th, Halloween night where they will be having their “Black Out” event where all lights will be turned off and attendees will navigate by the light of a glow-stick. Admission is $10, with a military discount available. 

Photo by Austin Babcock

Photos by Austin Babcock
Leather-face prop in front of the Knights of Pythias logo

Spooky prop in the mannequin room of the haunted house


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