LCCC gets its first eSports club

Students who enjoy casual and competitive multiplayer video games can share their interests with other students at LCCC’s first official eSports club. 

Electronic gaming has an incredibly popular and diverse culture surrounding it, a large portion of which interacts online with multiplayer games. Communal gaming in the past was primarily limited to lan-parties, split screen gaming, and arcades which all required you to travel somewhere else. The development of online multiplayer gaming has helped shape an otherwise solitary experience into one that is far more social while still being casual. Online gaming has also allowed the competitive gaming scene to grow because of how much easier it is to play with and against people of all skill levels all around the world. But as gaming becomes more of an online activity it can be easy to be surrounded by people with similar interests and not even know it. This is one of the reasons why students at LCCC have formed the first official eSports club on campus. 

The LCCC eSports club is a student run club dedicated to playing competitive and casual video games with each other. The club typically meets every Friday from 1pm to 7pm in business tech 205, where they often play games like League of Legends, Super Smash Bros., and anything else members bring. Members are encouraged to bring their own gaming console, games, and controllers if they want to play their favorite games. You can use the official LCCC eSports discord to see what other members are bringing to prevent bringing duplicates. 

Because the eSports club is so new, members are still considering what games are going to played competitively in tournaments. Games like Rocket League, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are popular choices among the more competitive members of the club. Once enough members have decided on a game to form a team, they can use the meeting time to practice playing the game together and preparing for online and physical tournaments. Anyone who isn’t interested in playing competitively is still encouraged to come and play their favorite games with the other members. 

While eSports are traditionally a competitive activity, the LCCC eSports club is a very relaxed atmosphere. They welcome anyone interested in gaming with other people. Whether you want to play for fun, for sport, or even just learn how to play for the first time, the LCCC eSports club is a great way to get to know the gamers in your community. Check it out in the business tech building in room 205, every Friday from 1pm to 7pm.


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