Airport services in Cheyenne

On November 4, 2018 the new Cheyenne Airport opened for business. The airport is located at 2420 Airport Parkway West, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82003. The terminal was designed by Alliance and built by local contractor and local builders. The terminal building is 30,000 square feet of space with plenty of room for waiting. The cost of the project was $18 million. The cost of the terminal alone was $10 million.
The old terminal was over 50 years old and the waiting area capacity was to accommodate the old turbo-prop airplanes.

American Airlines began service with one flight daily to and from Dallas-Fort Worth. Several months later another flight was added due to increase in passengers utilizing the single flight due to the summer travel season. The airline will go back to one flight in and out daily the first week in October.
American Airlines service is provided by Sky West Airlines. Current flights schedules can be found on the American Airlines website at The flights from Cheyenne connect to more flights in Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport than at Denver International Airport. There is no need for the long drive to Denver and paying for parking. Parking is always free and the Cheyenne Regional Airport. The Cheyenne Airport has a runway system that can handle almost any size aircraft.

There are no escalators or people movers needed as everything is on one floor level. The time required to go through security is about ten minutes compared to thirty to forty minutes or longer at Denver International Airport. The gate area has room for two gates. One gate is currently being used for the flights to Dallas-Fort Worth. There are plenty of vending machines in the gate area and the terminal area. There is also a water fountain where individual water bottles can be filled or refilled.

A restaurant and gift shop are being planned for the near future.

Nathan Banton, General Manager of Aviation said that “So far over 25,000 passengers have used the airport services since last November.”
Banton also said “There are short lines and short waits when flying out of Cheyenne.”

There are three car rental windows available with Avis and Hertz being manned and National that works out of Enterprises’ office by phone. Currently there is one ticket counter that is manned by American Airlines before each flight. There is room for two more ticket counters for airline expansion. The is also only one baggage return carrousel.

There is also a meeting room available for rental. Space is currently being constructed for a restaurant and lounge. A gift shop will be opening soon in the space currently being occupied by an exhibit of photographs called West Across the Sky.

Banton also said that “People love the ease of access in and out of Cheyenne.”

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