Fly Cheyenne : worth the money

On May 21, 2019 this reporter flew out of Cheyenne Regional Airport for a vacation trip to Costa Rica.

The weather was cold but sunny. The day before 8 inches of snow fell on the city of Cheyenne. I was worried that my flight would be cancelled. I arrived at the airport two hours before scheduled departure.
The snow plows were still removing the snow from the runways. Our aircraft had not yet arrived from Dallas.
The ticketed passengers went through the screening process in a short period of time. The plane’s capacity was 60 passengers and there were only a few empty seats.
The aircraft arrive late and the passengers deplaned. The aircraft was made ready for the return flight to Dallas-Fort Worth.
Finally, the passengers we permitted to board the aircraft. Baggage was stored and the cabin door was closed.

We sat on the tarmac for several minutes before we taxied to the west end of the runway.
A short time later were finally rolling down the runway and lifted off smoothly into the crisp May sky. Our departure was about 15 minutes late.

The flight to Dallas-Fort Worth was smooth with only some light turbulence. We arrived at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on time. My connecting flight to San Jose, Costa Rica was scheduled to leave in two hours from terminal D.
The flight out of Cheyenne was an experience for me as it was my first time ever flying from Cheyenne to anywhere.
The total process was done in an efficient manner and in much less time than I have experienced at Denver International Airport.

The return trip was a little more difficult as there was a delay of about 3 hours in leaving Dallas-Fort Worth due to the aircraft was late in arriving from an original location of Orlando, Florida.
The gate crew for American Airlines was great in keeping us informed of the rescheduled arrival times. While we waited there was a concern that the flight crew would not be able to fly to Cheyenne because of their time in flight status. We were informed that the flight drew was able to continue on to Cheyenne.
Even due to the late flight time we departed Dallas-Fort Worth and had an uneventful flight.

We arrived in Cheyenne at 2:15 a.m. The ground crew was waiting for our arrival and had the baggage removed and ready for passengers to retrieve in a short time. The airport crew and staff were pleasant and helpful even at the late hour.

It is the opinion of this reporter that the experience leaving and arriving back at Cheyenne Regional Airport well exceeded any trip to Denver International Airport. There was no long drive, finding parking, and the process of the TSA security screening. Also, there was no need to take a train to the proper concourse and dodging the throngs of passengers at the concourse.

I feel that the future of the Cheyenne Regional Airport can only get better with the planned construction of a dining facility and a gift shop. The airport staff is also in the process of obtaining new air service to other destinations.

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