Spring 2019 Graduation Statistics

The Laramie County Community College faculty received high praise from the school registrar for completing the on-time submissions of Spring 2019 grades, ninety-nine-point nine percent of all grades were submitted within one hour of the submission deadline. The efforts of the faculty greatly contribute to the students being able to meet their needs to plan on returning to LCCC or moving on to another adventure.

The numbers for the spring semester are:
Conferred 431 credentials to 391 students
Academic Standing which includes:
President’s Honor Roll – 326 students
Vice President’s Honor Roll – 150 students
Interstate Passports – 39 students
General Education Transfer Block – 117 students
Interstate Passport and General Education Transfer Block – 11 students received both transcript notations
Probation – 228 students and 121 students suspended.

The chart above shows the increase in graduation from the 2014-15 school year to 2018-19 school year. Guided Pathways program has benefited graduation rate by keeping students on track. Compared to national rankings we are about average for the percentage of graduates.

Mark Perkins the Director of Institutional Research found that older students will complete their program because they are more mature and organized.
The more students who graduate also increases enrollment. The students will also be graduated because the school and instructors are behind them and they feel a part of the school.

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