Campus Crews armed with plows…

Cheyenne- The National Weather Service in Cheyenne issued a winter storm warning for a large area that included Laramie County Community College two days before Thanksgiving.
Richard Evelo, Ground Maintenance Manager for LCCC, was ready with his army of workers at 2 a.m. Tuesday as the clouds gathered.
Evelo said that it is important to be prepared for storms such as this one. If it’s President Schaffer who decides whether to close campus (and he did that Tuesday afternoon as the snow fell) it’s up to Evelo to ensure that it’s free of snow and ice.
“First of all, I would like to stress that our number-one goal is to provide a safe campus for all of our students, faculty, staff and community,” said Evelo.
Evelo said that they use the summer and fall to make a checklist of items that they need and what work they need done on their trucks. These items include ice shovels for their trucks, transmission parts and light bulb replacements. After the snow storm hits, they go through the same checklist.
When the snow storm hits, Evelo said that they look at areas of importance, such as the day care center, to clean first. Then they go from there. Evelo mentioned that they clean all of the areas, even those that are considered to be low priority.
When asked about how long it takes to clear off the snow, Evelo mentioned that it depends on how much snow accumulates.
“Typically, on a 3-6-inch snow it will take us about 6-8 hours,” said Evelo.
During the latest event, which dumped more than a foot, five full-time and four part-time workers were out with four trucks, Evelo said. His department also plans to get another truck soon. Evelo said they also used two vehicles with blades (one utility and one mower), other vehicles and bobcats to remove the snow.
“We strive to be as efficient as possible,” said Evelo. “We are always making tweaks here and there.”

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