LCCC campus security team

James Crosby, Campus Safety Director, and his crew of security officers have the accomplishments and backgrounds in psychology, theology and even anti-terrorism to ensure the safety of everyone at Laramie County Community College.

Juan Maldenado, Campus Safety Assistant Director, acts as Crosby’s right-hand man. Alongside Crosby and Maldenado there are six full-time campus safety officers covering three shifts 24 hours a day, even on Christmas.The campus has more than 250 cameras that record for 30 days with 90 additional cameras being installed in the new dorms under construction.

For the past seven years, Crosby has been the Campus Safety Director and he is more than qualified for the job. Coming from a family of teachers, Crosby graduated with highest distinction in 1976 from the University of Southwestern Louisiana with a bachelors in arts and education. Crosby began his career as a fifth-grade teacher in the Mobile, Alabama school district. While teaching he was asked to be a part of the Junior Deputy Program through the local law enforcement as a juvenile investigator: This began his career in law enforcement. 

A few years later, Crosby joined the Mobile County Sheriff’s office as an entry level deputy. During this time he returned to school at the University of South Alabama and earned his Masters degree in Education. He worked in the circuit court system while getting his masters degree and worked part time as an officer at the University of South Alabama doing campus events.

From January to March 1991, Crosby attended the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia at the Sheriff’s office request where he learned criminal investigation, criminal profiling with the Behavioral Sciences Unit, interview and interrogation, organized crime, serial crime, firearms, criminal law and  crime scene investigation. After the training he was promoted to Sergeant and they transferred him to the Child Advocacy Center where he investigated any crimes on children under 18 years of age, including death. 

Promoted to lieutenant and then later promoted to Captain, Crosby maxed out on promotions so he retired after 32 years of work. 

For the next seven and a half years he went to work as the Public Safety Director at Spring Hill, a liberal arts college in Mobile, Alabama. He received an NAACP Award of Appreciation for starting an NAACP chapter on campus for a collegiate institution, Spring Hill. 

Family in the Boulder and Cheyenne area brought him out to Cheyenne and LCCC. 

He attends monthly meetings of the Rocky Mountain Chapter, FBI National Academy Associates where he has served twice as President and twice as Vice President. Periodically he returns to Quantico for annual officers meetings.

Backing up Crosby is Maldonado. Like Crosby Maldonado has been at LCCC for almost eight years and has had quite the decorated career before LCCC.. He was stationed in Cheyenne in 1991 with the Air Force. He was a missile alert facility manager for Security Forces where he retired after 20 years 27 days. He attended Colorado Christian University and earned a BS in Organizational Management. 

With encouragement and support from Crosby, Maldonado will graduate this spring with a Masters of Science Human Services Counseling/Caring: Criminal Justice from Liberty University.

Though Crosby is in charge and Maldonado is his right hand man, they both rely on Sunny Mero. They wish they could clone him. Mero works the 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. shift and has been with LCCC for two and a half years. He was previously stationed at FE Warren Air Force Base  working in security forces. Mero used his GI Bill to get his bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security with a minor in Criminal Justice from Campbell University. 

Mero has been known to work 16 hour shifts if someone doesn’t show. Mero uses the values he learned in the military: integrity, service before self, excellence in all he does. He uses these values in his department. He likes to walk around talk and engage with others so people feel comfortable coming up and talking to him when they need him.

Another team member with previous experience is Kathie Lake. Lake works the night shift from 12 a.m. – 8 a.m. While everyone in the dorms are tucked in sleeping soundly, she is patrolling the campus. Lake has an AAS degree in Law Enforcement from LCCC.

She began her law enforcement career in Laramie with the University Police. After a few years, she went to work for the Albany County Sheriff’s Office and finished the last 14 years of her career at the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office before retiring. Now that her kids are grown and in school, one at UW and one here at LCCC, Lake wanted to return to work and thought that campus safety seemed like a good fit for her. 

When asked about Crosby and Maldonado Mero said that they are the best supervisors he’s ever had. Mero said one thing he would add is a quote that he likes, “Bosses give orders to employees and a leader influences his employees by leading the charge.” 


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